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Took delivery of a Zumo XT on sale for Father's Day and installed it on my Niken GT by running a connection to my Arboreal Systems Aurora power distribution module. Installed easily enough  and was only a little tricky in that I had to hide the power cable under the left hand side fairing. 

Fired it up and took it for a brief test run last night. Works great compared to my Garmin GPS unit from early 2006. Huge jump in tech,  processing speed and integration with modern day apps (TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Pandora). 

Only thing I'm not happy with is the mounting location in the handlebars. Would prefer it be mounted above the speedometer but don't have a good picture as to how I would mount a RAM ball there. Anyone have any details on how they built a crossbar to mount a RAM ball there?

I've found some folks in the UK who 3d printed a mount of some sort but it's not clear to me how they actually secure it to the Niken ( last two pictures). 







2019 Niken GT
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Looks to be mounted center above the dash...probably much like this for my FJ:


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Not sure how the mounts are different or anything, just a guess that it might be similar in that it might mount between the fairing and the windscreen? Now that I look again...nope.  Seems to be standing vertically somehow.

Hopefully they uploaded the file to Thingverse or something...if all ya have to do is print it out and install it, that'd be sweet.

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