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'19 Tracer coolant color?

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I just changed my oil and filter and noticed ( while lying on the garage floor) that the coolant bottle is at the low line. What did the dealer really check at the PDI???  Ive come home from where the bike is kept and didnt notice if the coolant is blue or green? Id like to top it up when I go back this weekend. Anyone?

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Here's a thread from this very forum on the subject.

FWIW my Yamalube coolant was green and so was the replacement premix.  I'm in Australia - if that makes any difference at all??


This from the 2015 manual: -

"Antifreeze/water mixture ratio:
Recommended antifreeze:
High-quality ethylene glycol antifreeze
containing corrosion inhibitors
for aluminum engines"

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I ended up using a BMW propietary antifreeze that I had in the garage.  Also blue and phosphate free, safe for aluminum... Should be fine, used for top up- of course dealer couldnt have at proper mark for PDI.

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