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2021 Tracer 9 GT Clutch Lever

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Former SV650 rider here too (2003) and i loved how that clutch on that bike bit early during the release. For me it also helped with low speed maneuvers with two finger (I had aftermarket levers on it) control of the clutch.

The 2021 Gt I noticed the bite for the clutch was way out, and kind of took a little bit of time to get used to. It really affected my low speed clutch feathering and went with aftermarket pazzo levers.

I got the front brake perfect but the clutch even on number 1 (closets to the handlebar) was a lot better I needed a little more. I took out the adjuster and now its perfect.

I dont have small hands, but I like having the bite of the clutch happen within the first 25% of the clutch release from the bar out. I have better muscle control there .

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I've been hesitating to put this out. You take on all responsibility etc.

I don't like aftermarket levers but I have small hands. You can bend the clutch lever so at rest it sits closer to the bar.  Remove lever and place on old carpet and hit with large rubber mallet.  Work slowly and refit and test. DO NOT try to bend back the other way it will break.  Im sure you've seen/done this yourself with levers bent from wrecks curled around on themselves. As soon as you try to straighten they snap.

I've done this to many bikes, never a problem. Especially good with bikes with the friction zone all the way out at the end of lever travel. THIS BIKE.

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On 7/29/2022 at 8:42 AM, motoontheweekend said:

100%. I came from a Kawasaki Z650 which is a cheaper bike but I never felt a lack of confidence from messing about with the clutch.

So many bad mechanics out there..

Where are you in California? I know a good one in Fresno/Clovis area if you are interested.....

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