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Reading the manual, it states do not use the dash DC socket unless the key is on? I've owned my 2019 for about 2 weeks, leaving a garmin plugged in that socket. The garmin turns itself off if no power is detected, so is there a voltage draw when the bike is off?

Yesterday my battery died, down to 3 volts. Would not accept a charge. Replacing the battery I notice it's aftermarket. So it's 3rd battery on this 2019 model. What gives?


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Correct, that 12v socket only works when the key is on.  I have powered a Garmin on that circuit since the bike was new, (2015 model still on the original battery) when the key is turned on, the Garmin starts up, when the key is turned off, the Garmin shuts off. 

If your bike is suddenly going dead, the previous owner might have botched some home made wiring job for electrical accessories.

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It may be a not so good aftermarket battery.  If it sat for awhile it may have gone the the great ZeroVolt beyond early.  

There are good and not good aftermarket batteries.  I like the Yusha brand batteries even though they are expensive.  Have looked at thought about the lithium batteries but they don't do well in very cold conditions - I don't ride but if I happened to get stuck in a cold snap on a long trip I'd want it to work.  

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2 hours ago, hawkster said:

...I got a duralast from auto parts store. We'll see how it goes.

If it is a Duralast AGM you should be fine.

I got 8 years out of Duralast AGM on one of my bikes, just replaced with Yuasa AGM.

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I’ve had a Shorai lithium iron in my 21 Tracer 9 GT for the past 7 months. Shorai makes a package that perfectly fits into the battery “box” which on the Tracer isn’t so much “box” as “space.”  They are pricey, but light, don’t leak or corrode, have a long warranty, and don’t discharge much during storage. Even sitting hooked into the bike for longer spells. The Tracer apparently poses very small sit-still load to the battery. No need for a charger. The Tracer alternator keeps the battery nicely charged. 

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