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Handling after lower link

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I installed them on dl650 Vee Strom, and Klr650, and lowered foot pegs on an F800GT NMW. You scrape pegs more readily in twisties. Otherwise cowboy bkie mounting is slightly easier for us shorty's, and flat footing may be easier. These things should apply to a 900gt. On the 900gt the side stand lean will lessen too.

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I lowered mine (front and back) after owning it a couple of weeks, but also upgraded the suspension. 
no difference in handling except for hitting the left peg more often. 
Not much choice when you’re only 5’6”. 

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Lowered my ‘21 Tracer 9GT front and rear, also got the adjustable kickstand. Harder to get bike up onto the centerstand.
Had to shorten the centerstand bumper as the right side would scrape if any large bumps in the turns. Handling is fine for me😁.image.thumb.jpeg.ae40fa8ac4f5b488c6da1aa509774f86.jpeg

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5 hours ago, baxtre said:

I'm planning to lower a T9gt front and rear and I'm curious as to what the "Suspension Calibration Test" is.

This thread will probably be of interest to you then 🙂

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