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Hi all, I have Shad SH58 top case which I use regularly and I am really happy with it. But, for weekend trips with my significant other, there is not enough space for our luggage. I am thinking of getting soft panniers/saddle bags, and I want to ask here which one would you recommend. I am 183cm, 85kg and my wife is 180cm 70kg. 

Soft case, I think, would suit me better since we do not travel far, at least for now, we have just started, or for too long(max 3 days). Also, they are much more expensive.

For now, these are my top pick:


or this: https://www.motocard.com/en/bags/shad-sl58.aspx

Or maybe Givi https://www.motocard.com/en/bags/givi-ea101b.aspx
Do you have any recommendations/advice?
Thans in advance

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Yes SW Motech gear is expensive especially direct from them. You can get their stuff cheaper from other sites like Revzilla provided its in stock. But definitely worth the quality and support.


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3 hours ago, Toni said:

Yes, they are really nice, but unfortunately pretty expensive

But they last nearly forever. I have a SwMotech tank bag that I've had forever and I bought it used here.  If you buy quality stuff you generally don't have to replace as often. YMMV. Good luck and post pictures of your decision. 👍

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