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5-Day Ride to Mt Shasta and Lake Tahoe


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Last month's trip was on the FJ so this month's trip was on the VFR.  This trip was originally planned for right after Memorial Day but the forecast showed lots of thunderstorms throughout the route for the entire duration of the trip, so it got postponed until now. 

The weather was manageable when riding at higher elevations (a lot of the time I was at least 6,000' ASL and as high as 9,000' at Mt Rose Summit) but the lower elevations were HOT, triple digits on many occasions with typical summer traffic and road construction.  I will definitely plan earlier in the year next time.

Google Maps showing the California and Nevada portion of the route.  https://goo.gl/maps/6mRpNweVXRJrWeLp6

Overall 2,112 miles over 4.5 days with a fuel average of 42mpg.

Mt Hood


Mt Shasta


Mt Rose highway overlooking Lake Tahoe


American River near Auburn, Ca


Carson Pass


Caples Lake, Carson Pass


Mt Hood shortly after sun rise


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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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