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possible shock swap 2015 Fj09 from 2018-20 Tracer 900 gt


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7 hours ago, arthur said:

Would this work?

Thank you in advance - I'm just looking to find something I can afford..

Thank you in advance



It looks like it doesn't - the tracer has a longer swingarm. If some one knows this to be correct or incorrect, please comment -thank you

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Partzilla shows the 19 non gt and gt using the same swingarm.

Also, partszillia shows the 15 fj 09 shock will fit on the 2019 non gt tracer.

So, the real question is the shock length. Is it different between the 19  non gt and the gt.

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Just curious, if you are wanting to upgrade the shock, why are you considering a Tracer shock?  The only difference I can think of between an FJ shock and a Tracer shock is the remote preload adjuster, the spring and damping will be just as basic between the two.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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From my past research, I think the only difference is the later shock has a slightly stiffer spring to accommodate the longer swingarm, length is the same.

Not much point in changing a crap shock with another crap shock.

Also keep in mind that Yamaha has built the Tracer shock upside down, so any other shock will be really hard to adjust without a remote adjuster.

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