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AGV Sportmodular Helmet - Size XL


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AGV Sport Modular Helmet, size XL. Glossy black. Near perfect condition.

My mistake is your gain. I ordered an XL based on the sizing chart. I should've ordered a Large instead. Otherwise, I love the helmet.

AGV has made probably the lightest modular helmet on the market. It weighs almost a full pound less than other premium helmets...Revzilla says it is 3.2 lbs. Full carbon, including the chin bar. Everything on this helmet is designed to minimize the weight. Even the chin strap D-rings are made of titanium. The visor comes off with the simplest tool-less design I've ever seen. Ventilation is superb. And it also comes with a Pinlock visor insert to keep the visor from fogging.

I like it enough that I didn't hesitate to order another...but in the correct size.

Asking $449.


zPnSjPU - Imgur.jpg

CyntBbT - Imgur.jpg

EjUXGCa - Imgur (1).jpg

l7PnViD - Imgur.jpg

XpaO7Nf - Imgur.jpg

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By the way when we developed Carbon fiber originally back in the 70s for the space program we put a Kevlar honeycomb sleeve on round members to protect them from impact because their impact resistance was very low but Extended in 0 gravity it Was adequate 

In earth gravity it couldn't support it's on weight

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