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Sonoma County ride to the coast


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There are sometimes you just need a good ride. Yesterday was that day

We live in Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco, for over 30 years.

In January we lost our Golden Retriever, Sweet Sweet Emmy Lou.  In mid-February we had a pipe burst in the wall in the center of the house. They're almost done with the repairs. Hopefully the next 2 weeks. That's a long to have our home and lives turned upside down.

Decided to get on the bike and go to the coast. Headed north to River Road and turned left. River Road runs through acres and acres of vineyards. Various wines are made in this area, reds, white, blush and sparkling. Each winery is unique as is each wine.

Farther down River Road, the coastal Redwoods start to show. Magnificent, tall and straight, awe inspiring. There is an incredible small 9 hole golf course on River Road. A golf ball sounds different when it hits a Redwood, I didn't mean for the ball to go left, but it did.

River Road goes through some cool but funky little towns like Forestville, Monte Rio and Guerneville. The Russian River weaves in, around and through the area. Lots of beaches, paddle boats, canoes and camping. The road leaves the Redwoods and heads through Duncan's Mill's, it was a mill and railroad town. Still has very cool old steam engine and a couple of railroad cars attached.

The temperature drops and a couple miles later you're at the coast and the turn off for Goat Rock. I've been to a couple Memorial Services held there for fallen bikers. After the words are spoken, the flowers are tossed in the ocean. Very special place.

The view of the ocean and the rock outcroppings is simply amazing! I never get tired of it. Some beaches start to appear. Some surfing, lots of kits, kids and dogs. The next mile and a half it's hard to keep your eyes on the road. More and more Oyster places are popping up. An old candy store with Salt Water Taffy, kite's and all the candy you loved as a kid's parking lot is full.

Left the coast and headed home through the small town of Valley Ford. Temperatures rising, a few more cars. Saw lots of bikes out, everybody waved as we passed each other. Found a new road, Reibley Road, just repaved. There are huge ranches on that road and a small grade school.

Spent 2 hours riding. It was the best ride I've had in a long time. My new Tracer 9GT is an incredible bike, I'm very pleased with it.

All I have to do is learn how to take pictures with my phone. That thing frustrates the heck out of me.

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3 hours ago, jackcrowder said:

All I have to do is learn how to take pictures with my phone. That thing frustrates the heck out of me.

The good news is modern phone cameras are getting shockingly refined with optional higher tech features than ever before but if you are only wanting point-and-shoot convenience they are also mind numbingly simple to use. 

Open the camera app, point the phone and take the photo, that's as difficult as it gets. 

If you have questions with more advanced features or need info on editing photos, the answer to ANY question you could ever have about your phone can be found on Google or YouTube.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Sounds like a great ride!

There are probably enough nerds here to assist with your phone.  What make/model?

2015 FJ-09 / FJR touring bags / oil plug mod / Evotech rad guard / SW Motech bash plate / VStream touring windshield / Seat Concepts:  Sport Touring / Vcyclenut ABS rings (speedo correction) / Cosmo RAM mount

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In the 60s and early 70s, when I did them, the "Sunday Morning Ride" from the City headed over the GGB, up Mt. Tamalpais for a "smoke break", then onward up Rt 1 to Pt. Reyes, and sometimes if we got an early start, to Tomales.

Then we'd head east into wine country.  Guys would stop at several wineries for the free tastes.  Finally, when they'd had enough, I'd have me lead them back because I didn't drink.

Usually headed down 101 to make time and keep the gaggle together. 

Each year we'd loose at least one guy off the cliffs on 1 somewhere narlly.  After verifying he was dead meat, usually easy to see, we'd jet out.  If he was still alive, his best buddy would stay for the ambulance and Local Yokol or CHPs to show up but we couldn't risk it.  Obviously no cell phones then and even pay phones were scarce.  They'd knock on a local's door to use their phone.

I rode a pretty well sorted BSA Goldstar.  Everyone had carbs, drum brakes and tires were as hard as hockey pucks.

Those were the days!

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Hi, thanks for offer of help me taking photos with my phone.

It's a Samsung Galaxy J7 V. It's pretty old. The only time I use it is when I take a ride, in case I fall down and go boom.

We usually use my wife's phone if we're together. She's a master of her cell phone. She's tried to help me but I don't use it enough to remember.

Thanks, jack

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