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Over the instruments GPS mount


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In the past, I've used RAM mounts for my GPS, and it worked fine.  But for the FJ, I wanted it to be a little easier to see.  Mounting it above the instruments was an interesting idea that was mentioned in one of the other threads, so I decided to investigate...
The stock windshield mounts to a plastic cover that mounts with a steel frame to the adjustment slider mechanism.  I decided that steel frame/bracket would be a good place to mount an arm that would extend up and back, behind the windshield, to which the GPS would mount.  Sorry, but I didn't get around to taking any pics of the bracket before I modified it.
Back in January, I picked up a TIG welder, with projects exactly like this in mind.  I'm by no means a professional welder, but I can stick stuff together, and it stays together.  I've fabbed a lot of stuff over the years, including bumpers, winch mounts, and tire carriers for my Bronco.  I was glad to have the TIG in this case, as it would have been really tough to do with my MIG....
I first bent up a bracket out of 1/8"x 2" mild steel, and welded that to the stock bracket.
Painted, and in place, without the plastic cover...
With the cover in place.  The windscreen mounts to the cover (with plastic screws!).
GPS in place...
Riders view...
I may pull it back off and change a couple of bends in the bracket to make the angle of the GPS better match the instruments, but I'm going to take a couple of rides with it first, just to see how it works.  Power is drawn from the stock 12V socket.
Easy peasy (as long as you have a TIG...)...  8-)
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Very nice. This is where GPS and phones should go on this bike since the handlebars, hand guards and fairing has a tight integration. One should not have to TIG weld this so can someone come up with a bolt on bar that can be used easily with RAM mounts?
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There's enough clearance that you could make a similar bolt on bracket,but it was easier for me to pull out the welder than to drive to the hardware store and dig through the nut and bolt bins.
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I like the position and think it is the way to go, but I would want the ability to remove it. The space between the screen and instruments seem fairly tight and I wonder if Scuff's Touratech mount would fit in there. Good job and thanks for sharing.
Someone else mentioned it as well; the Ram mount on the handlebar leaves the Satnav very "flat" and in direct sunlight it is not that clear.
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Nice mod. Looks like with a little tweaking it could be modified to be clamped in place which is easier for those of us without welders. Very useful mod though, thanks for sharing.
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It's very stable. It does move around a bit, as it's attached to the windscreen mounting points.
I took it off today and changed the bend angles slightly, so it now sits angled slightly, rather than close to vertical. That was really my only complaint, that with the screen close to vertical, it was a little harder to read (but much better than being nearly flat, which was the problem with the RAM ball mounts on the handlebar clamp.
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