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Best aftermarket seat option?

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Forgive me if this has already been discussed in another thread (I've done some pretty thorough searching on the forum), but can anyone definitively say which custom seat is the biggest improvement over stock? The seat is by far the worst part of this bike for me, and I'm willing to spend up to $400-500 to get it right, just want to make sure I know all the options and have feedback on the comfort, and pictures if possible, from other FJ-09'ers who are now riding in the lap of luxury instead of arse pain :)
I read the seat concepts group buy thread and it seems to be somewhat of an improvement over stock, and I know a few members are waiting on a new corbin seat, and have seen other seats mentioned like Rich's custom seat that looked pretty good. Also, both myself and at least one other member ordered the "comfort seat" specficially for this bike and can safely say it's not much more comfortable as we're both returning it.
It would be great if anyone who loves their aftermarket seat can add the following info:
- improvement in comfort, reduction in hotspots, how much longer you can stay in the saddle, etc
- post pictures
- what was the process, did you have to send them your seat, or do it yourself, did they use your existing pan, etc.
- your height and weight (since I think the level of discomfort is worse for bigger guys like me)
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Very happy with the Seat Concepts carbon seat. Rode 3 hrs, non-stop other than lights and stop signs, in 90F+ yesterday. First ride in 7 days. Still comfortable at the "end" of the ride.
I did the install myself with Harbor Freight $25 pneumatic stapler.
I use the higher position (to save my knees).
6'2" (188 cm) / 220 lb (100 kg) without gear / 250 lb (113 kg) with summer gear.
2015 FJ-09, 2016 1290 Super Duke, 2017 150 XC-W (primary ride), 2012 DR650
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I have the Seat Concepts and am very happy with it (see my review in the Seat Concepts supporting vendor thread. No point in posting pictures, since there are already many from others and mine looks the same).
Hotspots, pressure points, etc... GONE with the Seat Concepts seat.
It's not like sitting on a cloud, but they make the most of the stock seat pan limitations. As comfy as you can probably get without raising the height (which I don't want).
Did it myself. It was easy, and I've never done it before.
I'm 6'1, 220lbs.
I think you'll have a really difficult time finding someone who can definitively say which seat is best, because you have to try all the options to know, and it's so subjective since we're all shaped differently. I would think everyone will probably pick one, and all you'll ever get is peoples opinions of their seat, but rarely hear a comparison between two that is more than speculation.
I still stand by my opinion. Value for dollar, the Seat Concepts offer is a really great option. If money is no object, you might find some more comfortable options, but how much? Can't assign a % improvement to something as subjective as seat comfort.
Good luck on your quest!
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I said on a recent post here, after installing my SC perch and trialling it over a ~ 400km circuit, that I rated it as 7 or maybe 8 out of 10, whereas the supremely plush 'komfortsitz' item on my past few BMWs remains the yardstick at 10/ 10.   I'm happy with that, and both hope and expect that it may even improve a little on longer acquaintance... The OE seat rated, at best, a 2/10 for me...   That said, plenty here are happy with it, and there's no part of a bike that's more subjective than seat comfort.   IMHO...
I hear that ISIS has rejected it as an implement of torture as it is, even by their standards, too inhumane...
L of S
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Thank you for the feedback so far, looks like the seat concepts material and cover is a good choice then. Did you guys go with the grippy or slippy cover? Maybe we can summarize the pros and cons.
One of the things that could be better about the stock seat though, is to actually change the shape a little so you don't slide down toward the tank. Seeing this picture of a seat done by Rich's custom seats got me thinking (http://fj-09.org/thread/1567/richs-custom-seat) not only does it look more comfortable, but you can actually sit back more without being on a downward slope. Also, I haven't seen pictures of custom seats on an FJ-09 other than the Rich's seat in that thread, has anyone seen others on the forum that I missed?
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Contact saddlemen. They can build you a custom seat off your seat base for $350 with fast turnaround. Do some google searches and reviews of their seats. Waiting for a long rainy week and I'll be shipping both my seat to Saddlemen and the ECU to 2wheeldynomworks. Will be an expensive week but I'll kill 2 birds with one stone
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I hear that ISIS has rejected it as an implement of torture as it is, even by their standards, too inhumane... L of S

There are way, way worse seats out there. The worst I've ever experienced was a Buell S1 Lightning. That seat was literally butt floss. Following that would be the Kawasaki ZX7R and the '87 FZR750 I used to own.
That's not saying I think the FJ seat is great. I've had a couple of 600cc sportbikes with better seats: Katana 600, TT600. It's pretty sad when an obviously sport touring oriented bike like the FJ-09 makes me pine for the saddle on my TT600.
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  • 5 months later...
I have about 600 miles on mine and my only complaint is the lousy seat. This seat is just awful. Also constantly sliding forward against the tank. Looking for a comfortable seat without the forward angle. Hope to hear how others have solved this problem.
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