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Go big or go small

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The stock windscreen seems to buffet the heck out of me and it's extremely noisy. I guess you have to go big or go small. The large windscreens just plow so much more air and look pretty ugly for the most part. I don't ride long distance and since I'm comfortable with the wind hitting me in the chest so I opted for the California Scientific, Shorty Tinted windshield. I know it doesn't offer much protection but it sure looks good.
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Really depends on the situation. If buffeting / noise level is your primary / only concern, less is better for sure. That said, I went ermax touring screen with a spoiler on top. It gives me the option of a blast of air to cool me down or to be protected if it gets cold or rainy. Also keeps the wind off my chest so I don't get as tired as quickly. It is pretty much mandatory to wear ear plugs over 50 mph because of the wind noise with that setup though. Better than stock on noise, but not significantly.
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I got the Cal Sci shorty, and then ended up cutting down to almost nothing to get rid of turbulent noise. This was with my Shoie GT Air helmet. Then I got a Schuberth S2 helmet. What a difference! Much quieter. So much so, that I put the stock screen back on, and wow! That is the best yet. I think part of the reason there are so many opinions and variations with windscreens, is because the helmets actually have a huge effect on perceived noise level.
I am done searching. The stock screen at the lowest level, with the Schuberth S2 helmet is really nice. Clean air at the head, and no blast at the chest.
I am 6'3". YMMV.
Pistons or pedals, 2 wheels are where it's at...
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