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Hole in my radiator

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Out riding and took a rock hit to the radiator on my FJ. I didn't realize it had been hit until I stopped and had coolant all over the side of the bike and running down the front of the radiator. Bought some JB Quick and tried to fix it (bought and used some brake cleaner to try to clean up the hole.) The JB held for a few minutes and then started leaking again. I was about 100 miles from home so wound up trailering the bike home. Pulled the radiator off and took it to a local radiator shop who fixed it for $40 - cost for a new radiator was $220 + . I then ordered an R&G rad. guard from Twisted Throttle and installed it. Fit good and was an easy install.
I had been concerned about the radiator as it is very open to hwy. debris.
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