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Fj 09 Display Problem


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Hello guys,
I have a fj 09 since june 2015 and i am struggling with moisture inside the display, as you can see in the photos. My dealer exchange the display recently but guess what it has the same problem. 
My bike never sleeps outside and even it it was sleeping outside, i think it's not normal on this kind of bike. 
Can you tell if it happens also on your bikes or it is jut on mine?:(
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Interesting. No problem with mine and I have had mine since December 2014. Hope you get it sorted.
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I've read of a few people having similar issues but I don't recall the problem coming back once the screen was replaced under warranty. Personally I'd be skeptical of weather the dealer actually replaced it or just took it apart and cleaned it up a little. It should not be happening so have it replaced again and be there when they do the work. I'm not above making identifying marks on things to be replaced just so that I can verify it has indeed been done.
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Thanks for the help guys.
When they changed the display they showed me the new one and when i left the dealer the new one still had a plastic cover on it, so I assume it was new but we never know. I will try again with the dealer but it's really strange this kinda of problems with a bike built to face harsh weather.
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Put a small ink dot on your display. If they are covering it under warranty I have a hard time believing they dont get a whole new unit. Hide that dot well and see if they replace it or not!
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About a month ago I rode with a group through a torrential rain from South Beach to the Florida Keys for the better part of 3 hours. I'm talking deluge, flooding-level rain. By the time we got to Key Largo, the right half of the display had gone blank. Initially it wouldn't cycle screens, it just stayed on the MPG form. Then the idiot lights started coming on and I got worried about it shutting down and/or not restarting. I turned around and rode home (thank God I'd filled up just before the worst of the rain).
The next day the bike started, but the lights were still on and the right-hand display was still out. It was warm and dry out, so I rode about 40 miles up and down the Turnpike to dry out the display and cook the water out of the engine oil. Along that ride the display returned to normal and it's been fine since, but obviously I'm worried about a recurrence of this. I called the dealer and told the service writer what happened. They said I'd have to bring it in "failed" to do anything about it.
I did re-work the wiring I did to connect my Zumo to the bike. I have it landed on one of the 2 spare connectors behind the windscreen. Previously I'd just removed the connector's blanking plug, stuffed the soldered wire tips in, and taped it up. This time I removed the connector, put on shrink tubes, soldered the leads, smeared RTV on the exposed wire, and then heated the shrink tube until the RTV squished out. If there is another occasion of this problem it won't be because of my conection.
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