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Awesome new LCD display coming for the FJ-09 and R-1!

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Ok, so I have seen a couple of things that spark my interest.
One, look at this LCD on the pic of the FJ-09 from the trademark photos. See the size and shape?
Now, this is a pic of the new R-1 LCD display. It's clearly the same shape and size. It's the new Yamaha LCD screen.
So, what is "LIF"? Anyone wanna guess what "LIF" means?
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No good guess on LIF But that is a cool display and a keen eye to pick up on it

Lift Control System (LIF) IMU detects the front to rear pitch rate and the ECU controls engine power to reduce the front wheel lift during acceleration. Four settings (1-3 and off). Launch Control System (LCS) limits engine rpms to 10,000 wide open throttle. It maintains optimum engine output in conjunction with input from the TCS and LIF systems to maximize acceleration from a standing start.. Three setting levels regulate the effect (1-2 and off).
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