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Soft ABS side case set & Side case stay kit

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they are the OEM accessory softbags sold in Europe. I think they are similar to (or maybe even same as) the sw-motech/bags connection Aero ABS bags (sold by Twisted Throttle). They do require the quicklock rack, which attaches to the same mounting points as the FJ-09 hardbags. 
Although there is a special offer on these bags over here (buy the bags, get the rack), I still don't like them enough. Bags are 300 euro, rack is 270. I think this is over 10000000 in imperial currencies. They are waterproof with the supplied PVC inner bags and are lockable. Although I doubt that a zipper will stop a thief :-/.
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If you like the soft bag look, check out the Shad semi-rigid bags. Super roomy/expandable, and way more affordable.
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Sorry for bumping an old thread but looking for some help finding a part for these.


I've had mine off the bike for a while and went to strip the brackets to sand and paint them to get them looking new again and the rubber coated nuts which attached the brackets were loctited to the max and I made mince meat of one trying to remove it. I'd like to try buy just that particular fixing if I could find a part number but I've searched and can't seem to locate anything.


2PP-FSSST-00-00 is the part number for the entire stay kit for the soft panniers and what I need is part 19 from this document https://mt09.de/forum/core/attachment/8036-anleitung-kofferträger-yamaha-pdf/ but can't find a reference to find it anywhere!


Anyone any ideas? Thanks!

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Yeah I think you're right. I've found the technical term for them I think - they appear to be an m8 female/female anti vibration bobbin. I've ordered 4 replacements from a UK supplier 25mmx25mm hopefully will do the trick.

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