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New owner from St. Paul, MN


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I just picked up my used '15 FJ 09 with 225 miles on it.    Obviously, it's like new.     I haven't had a new bike since 1972.    
This is actually my 5th three cylinder bike, my 3rd Yamaha 3 cylinder and my second Yamaha 900 (really 850).
This bike is intended to replace both my '99 ZRX 1100 and my '08 Versys 650.     Both of those bikes are now for sale.   My 62 year old knees just couldn't ride the ZRX long distances any more.     I expect the FJ to have the power of the ZRX and the comfort of the Versys.   
My other bike is a '13 KTM 690 Enduro.    Once I sell the ZRX and the Versys I'll be down to just 2 bikes, one with knobbies and one with street tires.    
I would like to raise the handlebars.   Can I just add bar risers, like the ones from Rocky Moutain ATV?   For 1 1/8" bars of course.  
I may add the Yamaha brand sidecases.     Any reason not to?
Paul from Minnesota
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I think, if you don't already have the Yamaha side cases, you should do some investigating. The used FJ I bought came with them, and they're OK, but they don't hold a helmet and they're a little oddly shaped. I can *just* squeeze my Aerostich (with back and hip pads) into it, but I feel like I'm going to bust the latches each time. As I understand it, the FJ1300 cases are a plug and play swap and are larger, and there are some third party cases that some forum users have raved about. They *do* have a nice, narrow profile when mounted (unlike my VFR with Givi WingRack in full "Princess Leia Mode") and the latching mechanism is pretty swanky.
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I, too, had my eye on the Shads and would have bought them if I hadn't found the used Yamaha cases I ended up buying. They're considerably cheaper than new OE and, as mentioned and advertised, will swallow most full faces. The mounting looks pretty slick too, when compared with the offerings of Givi, etc. The bottom line is that you have options and it largely depends on what you're looking for and what you want to spend. You could always stick with Yamaha and put a top case on if you want narrow cases with the option of still carrying a helmet.
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