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2000 Mile Labor Day Weekend


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I rode 2k miles this past Labor Day Weekend and visited 8 states. North Eastern, PA - Dayton, OH - Great Smoky Mountains - Blue Ridge Parkway - Northern, VA - West Virginia/MD - Back through PA
Then rode all local roads south through Kentucky and arrived in the Great Smoky Mountains - Townsend, TN.
Rode the Dragon 
Screen_shot_2016_09_07_at_10_12_29_PMB.png Screen_shot_2016_09_07_at_10_12_01_PMB.png Screen_shot_2016_09_07_at_10_13_13_PM.png
No shame this time, thankfully!
Decided it would be best to ride the entire Blue Ridge Parkway for the sake of adventure
20160904_181918.jpg  url=https://postimg.cc/image/yrci6p9t1/]20160904_192757.jpg
Then bypassed Skyline Drive, since I've done it before and wanted to make it back faster, and headed into West Virginia, MD, and back into PA. No photos from this part of the trip, although I got some GoPro video that hasn't been edited. Stopped somewhere on the side of the road for some fresh corn and to fill up on gas
Special thanks to the forum for now letting us post pictures. I pretty much stopped coming on here because I didn't have the ability to do any ride reports...I'm glad we can post photos now! 
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