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New bike in Indianapolis


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Got to ride my new 2016 FJ-09 home today. Coming from a 2001 SV650S with 65K miles, it was time for a more comfortable ride at my advanced age of 33. Upright seating position, windscreen, center stand, luggage space, larger passenger seat, traction control, ABS, fuel injected....I could go on. Pretty excited.
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I think you will love the new ride.  Put a few hundred miles on her and determine the strengths and weaknesses for you, ergonomics, comfort, performance, storage, wind protection etc.  There are a lot of options for personalizing, a lot of us recommend an ECU flash to REALLY smooth out the throttle.  Personally,regardless of your skill level, I always recommend proper spring rate for your weight. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Congratulations on the new bike, and welcome. It's a great bike, and does so many things well. and for those things you find are a little lacking, this forum will give you ideas on how to fix. Just search on anything and you will find lots of options.
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