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Bluetooth speaker?

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Has anyone tried to mount a bluetooth speaker in the cockpit of an FJ-09?  I'm wondering if there are any small, high quality bluetooth speakers that would be loud enough to be heard while riding the bike. 
I use the speakers in my helmet from my Sena SMH-10. Pretty loud and way better than an external speaker. This bike is not a Hardley, Goldwing, or scooter. ::) 
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Not a speaker but ...
I was thinking of using the Sony SBH50 bluetooth speaker/mic. It says it has some noise cancellation for the mic and the mic can be clipped onto something inside the helmet such as the chin flaps. I have never tested it as I don't have one in my possession. I think this is practically more flexible than the specific bike BT sets as you can carry the SBH50 with you after the ride, while the bike specific ones are left in the helmet.
I can use the SHB50 in other activities other than riding. The noise isolation plugs can play the role of ear plugs.
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This thread is going to lead to FJ-09 owners in the hospital after lip-syncing to Shake It Off while riding isn't it?
Lol, I so want to see that video.
I can see it now, somebody riding their FJ-09, wearing their hello kitty helmet, dancing on their bike while doing 80 MPH and singing "shake it off" when all of a sudden....
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