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Instrument panel functionality

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could the lucky new owners please clarify what the 2 push buttons on the Instrument panel do? Is 1 button to turn off/on traction control? What is the other used for?
Can anybody post a youtube of the method used to access the available functions/features? How to set & save changes? What are the functions that default upon restarting?
That would be invaluable to newbies and unlucky sods like me that have to wait!
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I don't have a video, but it is really simple. The top button turns off the traction control, the bottom button resets what is selected, such as the trip meter and the fuel mpg.
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Thanks Ulewz!
so, to reset the trips, fuel consumption...etc... You first select the function using the LH switch block menu button, do you use the up/down toggle switch to select the function? Then use the lower button on the dash to reset the figures?
i saw the D mode button is on the RH switch block. This is to select the 3 ride modes?
A is sport?
B is rain?
What is the other letter?
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Just an FYI, from the factory the panel has a screen for fuel mpg, trip, and i cant remember the other (i think its ambient & engine temps). if you get bored you can go into the menus and swap the individual things around so you can have a screen for in town (think average MPG, engine temp and maybe ride time), one for long trips (2 trip meters and the time ridden) and another for whatever. Kinda neat if you ask me.
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The reset button works in two stages.
The first stage is choosing which of the three settings you want to reset.
If one of your screens is set from top to bottom
and you wanted to reset Trip2, you would quickly press the Reset button Twice, for the second position Trip2
or Once for the first position Trip1.
The second stage is to hold the button to reset the value.
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