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The Danube Curve - Hungary


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I really like those Yamaha bags on the bike.  I've never seen them before.  Are they unique to Europe?
Not sure, but they are just a rebadged SW Motech item so should be available worldwide. 
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These are the factory bags, which are available in Europe. Here is the official Yamaha link of them: 
I like them because they are light and their capacity is enough for the weekend trips what I make usually. 

Why does Europe allways get the good looking stuff?
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Is that a go pro camera mounted on the crash bars?? Do you have a YouTube channel?
It's a 40$ GoPro clone by Sencor, it has surprisingly good video quality: 
Now I've been learning the video editing and experiencing the different camera positions on the bike. So I hope that my youtube channel will be available soon. This is my actual self-education project 8-| ;)
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