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Recommendations/advise: new rider, some findings

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Few weeks ago, I got a 2016 FJ-09 in excelent conditions, with about 5,000 kms. First test ride, was good. Yet, in the last days, I have done short on-road trips, on not very good road conditions (in this country you find "adventure" roads kind of often). Besides the good things I jave found in the bike;
you can check my original post here
I have found some negatives, where I'd like to request your advise:
1) I'm 1.91 mts, 120 kgs. On bumpy roads, I find the suspension very hard and non comfortable; long roads on not very good conditions, can be  pain on such a hard suspension. I took the bike to the Yamaha dealer, yet it  seems the specialist did not spent much time in determining the best adjustment for my weight and hight. So, as per your experience, with factory adjustments could it be possible to have a better suspension setup for my conditions? Or, would there be the need to change something in the rear and/or front suspension?
2) As per my hight I was used to ride in a more straight position in a Tenere 660. Would it be  possible to increase the hight of the hand bars, to improve ergonomics? Riding on roads that go down, I feel that I’m holding my body with extra effort in my arms…
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There are many aftermarket options to select from regarding the suspension. Depends on how much you want to spend. I doubt the Yamaha "specialist" at the dealership knows much to help you but there are very good suspension people available. You can find them by asking track junkies.
Also you can buy handlebars raisers if you like different ergoes but most important is to squeeze the tank with your legs and support your upper body with your core muscles to avoid the excessive weight on the handlebars.
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If you got an owner's manual with the bike, it should explain how to adjust the stock suspension. It also explains how to set up the seat height and handlebar setback adjustments. Play with these before you invest in new equipment.
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For the handlebars, use of different risers can be used.
Check the following links for more info.
I installed a set of SW-Motech "up & back" as shown in the first link and for me they work well.
(On page 3 of the first link member Paladin has a picture of them installed on his bike.)
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