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What Helmet(s) do you guys wear?

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I have a few but lately have been using a Bell RS1-high Viz an like it. It is comfortable and has great ventilation for hot summers.
I also got the Transitions shield that changes darkness like the Transitions glasses. Once you ride with that sheild, phuck everything else.
I also have a Scorpion that I just bought for dirt cheap on sale. It has the drop down internal sun visor, but it sucks compared to a transitions. It also has pump up cheekpads that may come in handy after the liners get broke in and loose.
So, yeah. I've been wearing these Neon yellow Helmets ever since my buddy died after getting hit from behind. Probably not doing me any good but..
What helmets are you guys sporting?
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Bought a Bell RS-1 but it did not fit. Got an Arai RX-Q instead and it fits like a freaking glove. My only issue is that because of the stock windshield on the FJ it gets a little noisy (If I stand up while moving, the helmet is very, very quiet). Other than that great helmet!
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I ride the Shoei RF-1100.
It just fits me perfect!! Quiet except with the visor opened at the first adjustment stop.
Light enough, perfect in the rain and replacing the shield is just a matter of seconds.
Rode it many 8-12 hours trips without anything but comfort.
Had to replace the cheek pads once.
Interior molded pocket are perfect to install a Sena SMH-10 system!
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Caberg Duke Modular lid with integrated drop down visor. The flip-up chin guard allows for a cooler head in our perpetual summer climate. Will stick to this lid till I get the FJ9(hopefully my next year), and then maybe it'll be time for a helmet upgrade.
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What you guys think of the Shoei Neotec ? http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shoei-neotec-helmet I've been researching for weeks now. Expensive but you get what you pay for. Any thoughts ?
I've read and heard good things about the neotec. 
I am currently running around in the Shoei GT Air.  It is a good helmet.  Relatively quiet and quite comfortable for my head shape.
Only gripe i have with it is that the pin-lock is poorly designed so that it shifts around after a while causing the lip of the pin-lock to interfere with the smooth operation of the shield.  This was fixed with some scotch tape strips at the top of the pin lock to keep it in place and remove the edge at the top that was catching on the helmet.
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