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Competition Werkes Pipe


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Im embarking on my first upgrade. I am sending my new 2016 FJ09 to Oregon to have a prototype Slip On Pipe made for the FJ09. Possibly a full system depending on the increase in performace when they dyno test the pipe.
Who is making the exhaust?
I'm in Oregon..
Just picked up a 2019 tracer9hundoGt
Wouldn't mind talking to them about a new header/can
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Who is making the exhaust?

See 2 posts above with the link for the "Competition Werkes" pipe, as well as the thread title ""Competition Werkes pipe". 
Spoiler alert - its made by Competition Werkes!  ;)    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
BTW, a buddy had one on his FZ09, it is a straight through design, short end can and VERY loud.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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