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GPR carbon furore exhaust


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Just installed the GPR exhaust and so far its great. Both baffles are in because I leave for work at 0500. It's quiet enough but howls when you're on the gas! Installation was kind of a pain because there are no instructions and everything else is in Italian. So far the fueling seems fine but I'm planning a flash from 2Wheeldynoworks anyway. I can keep the center stand but I might remove it to shave some more weight. I like the side exit look way more than all of the aftermarket underbody exhausts I've seen and it's low enough my Shad semi rigid bags won't touch. Only cost about $700 so I'm pretty happy with it.
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Guest kernowjim
That looks great.  I too prefer the higher side mounted versions out there and the larger silencer that comes with them sounds better in my opinion.  GPR is good quality stuff too.
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Yeah I found that page but they have so many combos. Is yours a slip on? If you could link the particular system you got that would be great.
I have not ordered mine yet. I am in your shoes - interested.  
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I did the full system because I did not want to cut my stock exhaust. I ordered mine from GPR's eBay store but you can order straight off their webpage. Shipping was less than a week from Italy to California. Definitely worth a look, they have a bunch of options for the FJ/tracer but this looked the best in my opinion and looked like it like it wouldn't be unbearable loud, which it's not
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On 9/17/2017 at 10:54 AM, beanburnham said:

So after getting the flash from 2wheeldynoworks I completely love this exhaust. It pulls hard up top and hasn't lost anything down low. Great sound on throttle and not obnoxious around town

Hi beanburnham

How are you enjoying the pipe a few years in? Do you find it OK for longer tours or is it too loud?



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