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Would like to modify rear subframe?

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I've ridden over 100k miles on FJR's since 2005 and I would love to lose 200 lbs and get a FJ-09.  Problem is, the FJ is extremely tall for a 29" inseam.  I don't want to modify the bikes suspension to lower the seat height but I'd like to explore the possibility of modifying the rear subframe.  It appears that with a little careful measuring there is ample space between the rear tire and the subframe to allow this.  The subframe is really a tubular member on each side mounted to the upper frame mounts on the main frame with a diagonal tubular brace re-enforcing it and carrying some of the weight down to a lower mounts  on the main frame.  I should think a metal fab shop could shorten the lower diagonal legs and maybe even level off the top of the subframe under the seat.  
Would any of you owners be willing to post a couple of pictures (from the side) of the subframe seat area with the seat removed and the body panel under the tank removed.  
Obviously this mod may involve reshaping the seat and potential issues with the seat pan and latch, and maybe issues with the body panel under the tank and seat, but not impossible obstacles for someone willing to put some time and money into the mod.
I modified (lowered) the seat on my FJR and have 3/4" thickness added to my riding boots which gets the balls of my feet solidly on the ground and the heals almost down on the FJR. 
Same boots on the FJ and I'm on my tip toes!
Photos and thoughts welcome.  
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Yes, I have viewed the rear subframe for the FJ-09 and the FZ-09 online in the parts diagram.   Those views of the parts shows them clearly enough to see the simple design, but how the subframe integrates with the seat and the side panels and under tank panel are not shown on the frame parts diagram.  That's why I'm hoping someone might post a few photos.  
I know the subframe of the FJ has been extended (lengthed) 5 or so inches compared to the FZ but Yamaha also chose to raise the subframe for that "adventure bike" look.  That is what's killing it for us inseam challenged riders.  
Riding solo with a reach to the ground on tip toes is quite do-able but stopping to park is the challenge.  Flat pavement isn't too bad but as soon as I get to a dirt and rubble parking lot, campground etc. it really sucks.  A tough reach becomes an impossible reach.  Add a passenger and things get dicey.  
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@unicycle52 and @redfjniner ,    Hi there, Realize this is a very old post ... but has anyone figured out how to lower the bike beyond the lowering link out back (T-Rex) and raising the fork tubes ?  Have already purchased a Sargent seat but would still be happier if I had a more secure footing in dirt, wet grass and loose gravel. Any suggestions of where on the Forum to do further searches would be most appreciated.       Thanks from Frank.

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