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Givi top rack?


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is there a givi top rack available for the fj-09?  if so, is it a standalone accessory, or is it based on the yamaha rack?  (the givi v-strom rack, for instance, is just a top-plate that mounts on the standard v-strom rack.)  i'd like to know when planning what accessories to get from the dealer.
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Do you guys know what top boxes fit the Yamaha rear rack w/o any modification? Is it Shad?
I'm working on adding a Vendor who could really help us. Stay tuned..
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The rear racks Hepco & Becker are making for the FJ are going to be bike specific to this model, being a standalone accessory. Once any such Hepco & Becker rack is installed, any of the 30+ varieties of the H&B hard luggage would attach.
However, there is also an adapter plate available, that would work in conjunction with the OEM Yamaha rack, that would bolt right on top of it, and allow hard case attachments without any further installation or modification. Those universal racks are readily available, and can be seen via this link: http://www.motomachines.com/search_results.html?k=610.049&search.x=0&search.y=0
The top cases that would fit can be seen here as well: http://www.motomachines.com/Hard-Luggage_c_13.html
Not exactly a Givi, but thought I'd drop in and share some alternative options!
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Givi have a rack listed on their UK website, part no SR2122
Dealers do not seem able to get stock yet but there are some pictures on a French forum
http://www.mt09.net/t3823-support-top-case - they show it with a monolock base plate but you can use it with a monokey plate if you prefer that type of box.
Once these are in stock in the UK I will order one as I already have an E46 box to use with it.
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I was able to bolt a Givi plate to the Yamaha rack without using the Yamaha plastic plate. The back bolts lined up perfect. I had to drill two holes in the metal plate and use longer bolt for the front. It is ROCK SOLID. Here are some cell pics.
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