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Take that 700 Tenere, KTM is teasing a 790 Adventure R...


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that will give you a real run for the money.  The tease is a video with Chris Birch on the prototype 790 and another rider on a CRF450 RR and  they're playing dirt tag over terrain and in a way no 800cc motorcycle has any right to. Either Birch is "strong as ox" or the KTM is light as a feather.  This is an official KTM video so it might not fairly present the full capabilities of the two bikes, but it's a good watch anyway.
This is the article https://www.cycleworld.com/ktm-790-adventure-r-breaks-cover that features the video above.
And this is an article on ADVPulse for more details: http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/ktm-790-adventure-r-revealed/  Features a link to a live presentation by KTM of the new 790 Adv-R recorded by Chris Birch - apparently with a cell phone camera/audio set up as old and crappy as mine.   I wasn't able to watch it to the end. 
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I think the 700Tenere will be like it's big brother - semi-serious adventure riding but not a racing platform, not without a fair bit of work. The KTM will be light'ish but nothing like the thumpers. For fast desert racing the 7T or 790A are doable I'm sure. If the terrain is murderous the extra 100-150lbs are likely to be a big liability.
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Was that a CRF450? It looked like they were both KTM's
The 2nd bike was the KTM 450RR Rally.

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