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Electrical Gadget limits?

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I have a 2015 FJ09, and have slowly added a number of devices that require electrical power. (GPS, Heated Seat, etc.) I'm an electrical idiot, but I want to make sure I'm not overloading the capacity of the bike. 
I have seen the power hub's advertised to centralize the wiring in one place, as opposed to connecting everything to the battery terminals, but before I go buy something, I thought I would ask here to see what other folks are doing/using to solve this issue.
Any advise or rules of thumb are appreciated.
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I created a list and decided that all I needed was a simple unswitched 3-circuit pod from Cycle Terminal. It easily tucks away under the seat and doesn't require any real estate for a box. This freed up precious space for an air pump. The 8-circuit fuse boxes are nice, but way too bulky IMO, and they're not splash-proof. My gadget list:
[ul type=disc][*]Fog lamps - switched, auxiliary behind dash
[*]Bar mounted USB pod - switched, in parallel (shared) with 12V Powerlet socket[*]GPS - switched, auxiliary behind dash[*]Cruise - per instructions (Y-adapter off run light I believe)
[*]Fiamm horn - OE circuit
[*]Oxford heated grips - unswitched (auto-off controller), 3-circuit pod (circuit 1)
[*]Heated jacket - unswitched (heat controller) 3-circuit pod (circuit 2)[*]Battery tender / air pump / aux Powerlet port - unswitched, 3-circuit pod (circuit 3)[/ul]
Lots of ideas out there, but this works for me very well. The only non-OE accounted loads that would run concurrently on the bike would be the jacket and the heated grips, so say 10-12A max. Not significant.


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