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  1. I put some oil in the filter but didn't fill it. Put in the recommended 2.7l and bike was sitting snug on the max. Started it up and let it cool a bit and the oil was on the min (i suppose the oil filter filling up). Had to top up with another 100ml.I assume this is because i left the bike drained overnight so additional oil slowly drained (which would not have done if i changed oil immediately. Funnily enough the extra oil only appeared after i moved the bike. Took it off the centre stand. wheeled it to a new spot and put it on the centre stand and it was now above the sight glass (on the side stand held upright it shows oil at the full mark as should be the case)
  2. I noticed the same as i had left the plug in over night as i realised that on this bike the oil drain washer is not part of the drain plug bolt as on my previous bike. I assume it's just the rest of the oil draining away from the engine slowly. Which also means that a lot of the engine lubrication is missing at first startup.
  3. To be honest I can't see why Yamaha decided to make the new instructions indicate it shouldn't be done on the centre stand. It is obviously much safer and easier on the centre stand (and I think everyones preference given the option). Now I am in a little bit of doubt is to which is the correct reading. The one on the ground which shows oil at max, or one on the centre stand which is showing it slightly above the sight glass.
  4. @betoney- it's not too hard to hold it up and check the oil but obviously won't be perfectly upright, just like it isn't perfectly level on the centre stand
  5. Well when I turned up at the dealer, he was out of stock, said none were on order and told me that they often use honda ones instead. I think there are probably 10 year old bikes here running on the original washer
  6. You'd think it would be trivial but I'm now in a situation where on the centre stand the oil goes above the sight glass, and, when on the side stand held upright the oil is smack bang on max.
  7. Thanks all managed to get it off. It was almost completely flat so have a sneaking suspicion the sealer may have been reusing it
  8. There isn't anything stuck on the sump casing as it's flush. so the drain plug pic looks like it is missing the gasket right?
  9. Hey all, I am in the process of changing my oil and when removing the oil drain bolt realised i can't seem to see the gasket. Can someone please tell me if this oil drain plug is missing the gasket or not? Thanks
  10. The engine had been off for 10 mins there
  11. Thanks! Yeah, this is the process I follow and I definitely do have a decrease in my oil level as you can see in the pic
  12. Hey all, So about 3.5k km ago i had the bike serviced and have noticed that the oil level seems to have dropped and now sits just under the half way mark. This has caused the red oil light to come on a few times when cold (but then turns off within 20 secs). I am also not seeing any oil on the ground or oil around the engine. Bike is currently at 11.5k km on the clock. Has anyone else experienced oil consumption on their GT? I have removed the db killer on my akra (no remap). Shouldn't be relevant but am throwing it out there just in case. Chris
  13. The rocket is a 2.5l so i don't think the bigger tank will make a difference
  14. side stand down and raise my leg over. If you are finding the bike too tall you might want to look at installing lower bones