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  1. When applying Wd40 the best is to spray it on the key as you pull it in and out so that it gets passed the rain cover that closes when you take the key out. You should give the wd40 some time to work its magic.
  2. Chain life mainly depends on you ensure you keep an eye on the chain slack to make sure it isn't too tight or too loose. Ensure you oil it every 500k or so and ideally in between every 2 or 3 oilings clean the chain using wd40. The clean is important as dust sticks to the chain lube so you end up putting your next oiling on a layer of old wax and dust.
  3. bugie

    Do I have a quickshifter???

    Best thing you can do is post a picture of your bikes gear lever but the non-GTs don't have it as standard. It sounds like you are probably just doing clutchless shifting which if done right won't damage your bike
  4. Surface rust is normal in high humidity areas and will just go away with use once you spray it with some chain lube. The term of "lasting a long time" could be open to interpretation. "Has never snapped", "has not gotten way too loud", "has not yet reached the maximum adjustment capability of the bike". None of those are really an actual sign of a chain "lasting". For a chain to "last" it needs to still be within manufacturer tolerances, not rusted through and not have seized links.
  5. bugie

    visor cleaner

    Just use water and a tiny bit of soap. Wet the visor, leave it a couple of mins so that all the stains loosen and just wipe it off. The sprays work well but really aren't necessary. The main point to remember is to not try and wipe it off immediately.
  6. My last wheel stripe (no heat appled) lasted 10 years and is still going. Bike had over 60k done with them on, survived at least 5 tyre changes, rain, sun and the odd power wash.
  7. I would say the following bike supplies are necessary: Puncture repair kit, First aid kit, pliers, zip ties, duct tape, allen keys & spanners, torch, if you own 1 a portable battery pack to jump start the bike, 1 chain lube, and a good lock to lock the bike up. I wouldn't worry about breakdowns. You will always be close to civilisation and since you are not alone should you encounter any issues you will always have the option of leaving a broken down bike and collecting it (or required supplies) the next day. As for clothes, you need to have waterproofs (which are also great windbreakers), and something thermal for extra heat if you feel cold. Also, make sure you have a change of clothes in case they get wet.
  8. bugie

    Wheel rim decals

    $22 is probably not cheap but it does enhance the look of the bike (assuming you find the colour you want). Other brand roll kits start as low as $4 on ebay if you do a search. If you have left over 6mm after the stripes you can also try applying it to the wheel to see how difficult it is to do free hand. I believe the only difference is rim tape is usually 7mm.
  9. GT owner here. You can't compare the 2. Clutchless shifting is used in normal riding conditions when you are just being lazy and don't want to use the clutch. However, when you're in a very spirited ride and you're exiting a corner at high revs, and opening up to full throttle, the ability to change gear in a split second without losing revs or letting go of the accelerator is where the beauty of the quickshifter lies. To be honest at 400 dollars you might to want to check if you can find something that also offers auto blip down since the yamaha quickshifter is up only
  10. Very nice work and a great idea but i can't help thinking about the potential damage that metal lip could do to you in a head-on crash as it is basically a razor blade.
  11. bugie

    Wheel rim decals

    The 2nd bullet point on the box says they come in reflective or fluorescent finish
  12. bugie

    Wheel rim decals

    If you are doing a simple red stripe don't buy those as they are quite difficult to align. You can buy rolls of rim tape that come with an applicator tool. Super easy and shouldn't take you more than 5 mins each wheel as they are 1 piece. The tool just rests on the rim so the tape remains equally spaced in the wheel. It also separates the sticky backing from the decal as you apply it. You can see the roll in question and how the applicator works in the pic i attached. 1 roll should do an entire bike. Just make sure you clean the rim properly before application using alcohol I would only recommend rim tapes that come in multiple parts when they have graphics.
  13. bugie

    Source for Wheel Weights

    Interesting! Never heard of them but they peaked my interest. Out of curiosity have you ever seen a wheel with dyna beads run on a wheel balancer? Am curious to know if it would consider it balanced.