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  1. We'd have to add 18% tax for anything shipped from the us which is a bit of a killer
  2. I thought it was the best combination of sound and looks to be honest. The Yoshi is very nice and they always have great sound but seems to stick out a lot and I am worried about ground clearance since I often drag the pegs. My overall favourite is the scorpion but I really don't like the red ring and they have said they won't consider producing one with a black ring at the end. Arrow seems to be the best combination of all in that regards
  3. Thanks @Cruizin. Was trying to avoid ebay as i prefer to buy from retailers because of guarantees and they allow the combination of the various exhaust options
  4. So are any of you lot running an arrow exhaust and if so where did you buy it (in the EU)? I am having difficulty finding an EU retailer that sells this exhaust
  5. @captfire22 - Thank you for the pics!! I think the indicators will end up being hidden by the saddle bags with this tail tidy
  6. @captfire22- Could you please take a photo of the tail tidy from the side. If you also have hard side cases on could you also take a pic with these on please? I am curious to see if the indicators remain visible with the hard case on?
  7. That's a feeler. it's designed to hit the ground first when fast cornering to let you know you're getting too low. Without it you potentially run the risk of scraping the centre stand or exhaust
  8. @TracerDoc - here you go. You simply slide the OEM metal clips off and replace with the screws highlighted
  9. I have the powerbronze beak on my Tracer GT. You need to remove the old fasteners to install it. Lines on the side of the beak don't match perfectly with the lines of the 2018 tracer though. I think they cheekily marketed it for the GT without redesigning it so I personally wouldn't buy the powerbronze one for the '18 model
  10. bugie


    2018 Tracer GT
  11. Centrestands are awesome but it takes some getting used to (much like using a paddock stand). As soon as you get the hang it is dead easy to do
  12. Try ducking your head down next to the tank so you are out of the wind and see if it stops the noise. The Tracer seems to direct window at the top of the visor opening no matter what windscreen you use (unless you went for a shower door version). I get a whine/whistle when i come off the accelerator but that is all. I do get a hell of a lot of wind noise in the helmet though
  13. It could be that the WD40 stopped the lube from sticking to the chain and over time the links dried up causing the o-rings to fail but that is nothing more than an assumption.
  14. I clean my chain with WD-40 and a tootbrush every 400 miles. I got 40k km out of that DID chain. WD-40 repels liquid so you need to make sure you are washing the chain after using the wd40 otherwise it will just fling the lube off again To be honest how often you clean it depends on the riding you do. Relubing on a gunked up chain is useless as the lube never actually reaches the chain but instead just sits on the dirt so you need to clean it regularly. If you ride on dusty or wet roads you need to clean it more often.
  15. Make sure the bike is idling at the correct speed. My old GSR600 used to do this when i pull in the clutch when the idle was too low