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  1. It won't clear GT panniers for sure! Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator License Plate For YAMAHA Tracer/GT 900 2018-2020 ... This does and i have it on my GT
  2. how you manage to keep the chrome silencer pipes so shining?

    1. bugie


      Was still quite new then. Autosol I find is the best for keeping the pipes looking clean :)

      Are you Maltese?

  3. @wordsmith All the best for the future! Your witty writing will be missed
  4. Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator License Plate For YAMAHA Tracer/GT 900 2018-2020 F unction:Replace the original rear fender. YAMAHA Tracer/GT 900... Am running this on my GT at a quarter of the price of a R&G one
  5. I actually find b uses more fuel than A. Living in Malta we don't have motorways and traffic is bumper to bumper.
  6. bugie

    BMW F900XR

    UK had also listed prices as starting £9,500 for the XR. The TracerGT sits around £10.500.
  7. My guess would just be a weak battery. I don't think fuel is an issue. Have you tried charging the battery? Is it a case of after a long ride it starts up fine but then if you stop and start it begins to suffer. If so it could be because the battery is discharging a little with every start. Any problems whilst you ride it?
  8. Have you seen the updated Tracer 700? It seems the 900 is staying the same though
  9. @MartyP - Givi crash bars use all 3 engine mounts
  10. Check www.GBracing.eu, www.rg-racing.com, and www.sw-Motech.com as they all have covers for them.
  11. Loyal customers are not made earned because you buy something and it never had an issue, but, by the way you handle problems when they arise.
  12. Mine does this too and after a few months it finally clicked to me why. The right hand is your gas hand so your hand is constantly on the grip and you are holding it tightly. The left hand is your clutch hand so you constantly remove your hand from the grip to relax, or, adjust your helmet, etc. If you engage cruise control and make a point to hold the handlebar tight with your lefthand whilst keeping a loose grip with your right and constantly removing your right hand you would see the same situation in reverse
  13. The manual says 150nm not 150 fps. And yes, tightening the axle nut can indeed influence alignment as it can pull the axle back slightly.
  14. The Tracer screen is the single biggest gripe on this forum. It is absolutely useless and since it directs wind directly on to the visor opening, you obviously get water entering it. The only way to completely eliminate it is by using a shower door for a screen.
  15. @dazzler24 - Yes they are. Thank you!!!!!