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  1. That doesn't fit the GT as the indicators will be too wide. In the RG one, the indicators are mounted above the number plate bracket to make them narrower and still sit exactly in the space between the cases
  2. Bear in mind the side cases extend further back than the indicators so essentially obscure them for people in the next lane to you, or not directly behind you.
  3. bugie


    GPS doesn't require cellular data or signal so should work the same on your phone as it does on your nuvi
  4. I see the foot peg sits a lot higher than the stock one. On the Tracer you're going to have to watch out because it means that you will loose the feeler before you catch the centre stand on the ground during cornering.
  5. AS @runnerhiker said your symptoms seems extreme since you are saying they have lasted a week after you got off the bike. In terms of riding your grip on the handlebars should be tight enough to react but fairly loose, wrists should be straight with elbows and against fairly loose. Elbows should NOT be locked. Grip puppies are cheap and great for reducing the vibration coming through the handlebars so it might be a good place to start.
  6. If you are looking for cheap accommodation, look for F1 hotels. They are very budget and designed for travellers. they often have gated car parks so are usually safe for bikes. If you are in the north of France I suggest driving along the coast of normandy and through Bretagne.
  7. It might be worth while verifying the idle speed as it might be on the low side causing it to cut out when releasing the throttle and pulling the clutch in (since this causes the revs to temporarily fall beneath the idle). I had this on a previous bike and increasing the idle solved the issue
  8. traction control can be adjusted with factory ecu whilst moving (throttle just needs to be closed). same goes for driving mode
  9. I just came across this (it's the technical specs of the police version) Tech Specs - Professional Tracer 900
  10. Can't you get them fabricated locally?
  11. Not sure if you are aware but on the Tracer you can also disable the cruise control by closing the accelerator passed the stop point. This does it in a way which is a lot less intrusive than by activating the brake or clutch. Might be worth checking if the Niken has the same option.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-YAMAHA-TRACER-700-TOP-BOX-LOCK-SET-STANDARD-OPERATION-2016-MODELS-ONW/113227923088?epid=580555763&hash=item1a5ce8fe90:g:7GcAAOSwStdbF7~m
  13. We have the shittiest roads imaginable here in Malta so i regularly have the TCS kick in around 100kph. Really shuts down the bike. The roads are so bad sometimes you put your foot down when stopped and you feel it sliding away from underneath you.