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  1. Looks like it's a rubber stop for the seat. Take the seat off and take a look as there is more than one
  2. You can't really compare the GS to the Tracer GT as it isn't a sport tourer by a long shot. You need to be looking at the S1000XR which is also cheaper than a GS
  3. @betoney - Generally fairly agressive street riding. I do touring but on a daily basis it's more about sporty riding. My current plan is to sort out the front and leave the rear to another day (just because my understanding (potentially mistaken) is that it isn't so problematic rather than due to finances)
  4. Yeah i'm at a similar weight to you too. Did you go for a 9.0 or 9.5nm spring? And did you just do the front, or, did you also do the back too? If so, what did you do to the back? Option 2 would involve removing the stock fork internals and replacing the piston. I'll be pairing this with stiffer springs. The stock adjuster and cartridge can be used. Will need to check if the valving and shim stack can be altered so thanks for that.
  5. So i'm planning on getting my front suspension upgraded with K-Tech components and am in a toss up between: Springs only Springs and piston kit whereby they just use the OEM fork cartridges and replace the OEM pistons getting new fork cartridges and a spring Would be keen on hearing people's first hand opinions based on their experiences with the above
  6. If you switch to b mode at those speeds you'll find it a lot less lurchy. A mode really doesn't like cruising at that speed
  7. On some roads TC just lights up the dash like a Christmas tree so you have no choice but to turn it off.
  8. I don't think the quickshifter makes any difference during overtaking (other than letting you be a little lazy, however, you quickly start to love it when you are banked over coming onto full throttle as you exit a turn and are able to tap the gear lever and almost instantly change the gear.
  9. Yeah i have the same opinion. To be honest even when shifting manually under hard acceleration the gears feel smoother the higher up you go
  10. also changing into 4th, 5th and 6th is noticably smoother than 2nd and 3rd
  11. Finding neutral when shifting from 1st to 2nd is something that can happen (on any bike), as can finding a false neutral between any gears so i wouldn't be too concerned at a once off. If the bike is under heavy acceleration between 1st and 2nd you need a sure foot when changing gear. Monitor the situation and check if it is happening only when high revs (if so try being more assertive with the gear change). If it is happening often then you should get it checked.
  12. The anti-glare should have still been crystal clear to read, That pic is with the screen protector covered in dust and dried rain particles
  13. I've been running their anti-glare screen. I live in the Mediterranean and this screen has been awesome. Completely removes the suns glare and still keeps the dash completely readable.
  14. Sorry I just realised i was mistaken @SortedGT