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  1. Have you tried playing with the suspension settings to make it softer?
  2. Try fitting Grip puppies over the stock hand grips. They are foam so are a lot softer. They also have the advantage of not blocking the heat from the heated grips, and also do wonders to reduce the Triple's vibrations. The only downside is that they increase the grip circumference considerably so take a little getting used to.
  3. bugie


    I previously had an old school Tomtom rider 2 and have switched to smart phones maps now (Sygic and Copilot - I prefer Sygic). I don't think i would invest in another motorcycle GPS. Having said that; The biggest issue is keeping them cool enough and glare from the sun. Mobile/Car sat navs : Pro: Cheaper than motorcycle Sat Navs: Con: Don't have anti-glare, Don't have motorcycle touch friendly screens, aren't waterproof. Mobile specific Pro: 1 device instead of 2 mounted to your handlebar (phone and GPS in 1) and only 1 device requiring a power source Con: They get very hot and need good air flow. If you use them in a closed tank bag they often get so hot they turn off to protect the device being damaged. If the mobile breaks, you lose communication and GPS capability. Car Sat Nav specific : Con: Often don't support bluetooth and don't have motorcycle mounting options Motorcycle Sat Nav specific: Pro: Glove friendly, good anti-glare, waterproof, and often has the option of choosing more scenic routes for motorcycles
  4. What i mean is sliding the axle back along the chain adjustment notches. When the chain is shot you'll be near the last adjustment notches with the chain still being out of freeplay spec. It's at this point the chain definitely needs to be changed (assuming it doesn't develop stiff spots or other physical damage before then). Correct. The GT free play spec is between 35-45mm
  5. Chains flex. That's normal. The markers on the side of the swing arm near the axle bolt tell you when the chain is at the end of the permittable stretch so continue adjusting until you get close to the end of the markers. When adjusting the chain, just keep an eye out for stuck joints and damage such as broken linkages
  6. Makes sense. If you had to put 2 in then the hole was definitely too big.
  7. Any idea why the worm unplugged itself? Have used them a couple of times and they always lasted a few 1000k's until the next tyre change? Did you not push it in far enough, or perhaps not leave enough outside the tyre to form a bump outside the tyre?
  8. Living on an island 27km x 15km it's the entire island; Quick ride or long ride
  9. Your first port of call should be to see if the spot lights, switch or even a fuse it the problem. The easiest way to do this is by using a voltmeter to check output
  10. Plenty of headlights for sale on ebay: yamaha+tracer+headlight | eBay WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Find great deals on eBay for yamaha+tracer+headlight. Shop with confidence.
  11. I'm in Malta and we drive on the same side of the road. We have no issues importing used bikes from Italy. what is an itv inspector?
  12. Japanese bikes are bi-directional. Why would you need headlights changed for the UK? Your bike should already road legal for Europe. The old days of stickers to redirect headlight beam are long gone
  13. The aftermarket one has the cat-convertor (P-KAT-057) purchased as a separate accessory (as does the yamaha one). The only difference i can see is the aftermarket one has an Akrapovic logo sticker whilst the OEM one has it stamped. Both don't require retuning. The above only applies to the S-Y9R8-HEGEHT. The aftermarket one cost me €885 + €144 for the Cat, as opposed to €1600 for the OEM. I am not even sure the 1600 includes the Cat. To be honest I am not a fan of the looks of the Graves. Whilst the Akrapovic looks great, the difference in sound is good but difference in volume is next to non-existent which makes me wonder if my purchase was worthwhile. If I had to do it again I would go for an arrow.
  14. Retailers in general definitely DO screw with us here (Malta)! Although my experience so far with the local Yamaha dealer has been positive overall