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  1. The manual states 35mm-45mm slack when on the centre stand.
  2. So the kit has internal batteries and not external batteries? No need for metal stems with internal batteries. Your original post with just valve caps indicated they had external batteries since it only showed a valve cap and computer
  3. I don't think this is quite true. There is the Triumph Tiger (I believe the XrX is the sporty version), Versys (albeit 600), VFR, Ducati is closer to a litre bike. If you want you can also include the Suzuki V-Strom and BMW 850 which are more adventure bias, and the NC750 although it is targets the more city commute crowd. The reality is whilst the Tracer is more leaned towards sports, most people don't buy it for that specifically so then the touring bias of all the above bikes become relevant
  4. I actually love the fact that the bike is a sport tourer that leans heavily towards sport. For me the main improvement I would like is better ground clearance (not for off-roading) but for more every day use. I think the only features missing on the GT is the electronically adjustable suspension, and, cornering abs. Everything else is just tweaks which I can live without
  5. I believe it is to say when you are reaching the higher end of the set interval (i.e. before orange kicks in) or when you are riding economically
  6. Try Grip puppies. They work wonders The only problem is there is very little clearance in corners so it is almost inevitable you end up dragging them and the centre stand
  7. Ah ok, i missed that part. I think the sentence is being mis-interpreted. "It allows for" doesn't mean it requires. If you look at the Tips section it clearly shows the parameters where it works.
  8. The manual doesn't say full throttle. Section 3-26 says "The Quick shift system operates when travelling at least 20km/h with an engine speed of 2300 r/min or higher, and only when accelerating. It does not operate when the clutch lever is pulled"
  9. I don't think this is an issue on the GT as the exhaust sits lower than the Exhaust. It will bottom out easily though
  10. I haven't come across it on my GT
  11. Shops like aliexpress, ebay and amazon always give you half arsed safety information as they sell cheap knock off brands. If you like at more expensive, known brands like cyclops and Garmin they all specify metal valves Cyclops: Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System Garmin https://www.louis.eu/artikel/tire-pressure-monitor-system-for-garmin-zumo-345-390-395-590-595lm/10004484
  12. You can easily hit 127 in 2nd gear. At 127kph in 6th gear what revs are you at? In the other gears take your bike past that rev range and it should light up too
  13. Most TPMS devices carry strict warnings that they need metal valve stems. You won't know that the stem is getting damaged until the outer skin fails and rips. if it has to do so it would be a catastrophic failure. Is it really worth the risk for a few euros?
  14. We do see the words "bagster" and "sargent seat" thrown around a lot so it was inevitable cleaning the tubes would show up at some point 🤣 Next one will be sidecar