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Integrated tail/brake light and turn signals for the Tracer


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I suspect many of you share my dislike for the unsightly snorkel that hangs off the Tracer's ass to accommodate turn signals while the hard luggage is mounted.  I have looked at some of the "fender eliminators" on the market, but all seem to pose the issue of clearance for the turn signals when the hard bags are mounted.  I found what appears to be an excellent solution via a high quality US-made integrated tail light/brake light/turn signal unit designed to fit the 2019 Tracer/GT.  eBay link below:
The unit is not cheap at $150, but it looks very well engineered with lots of programmability including 11 different brake strobe patterns.  It's manufactured by Custom LED LLC out of New Jersey.  Their website FAQ section says the unit will make the blinkers blink faster, but they offer an inexpensive plug-and-play LED relay to handle this if one is concerned.
I believe this unit, combined with one of the cheap fender eliminators on eBay would really clean up the eyesore backside of this bike.  
I plan to buy one and install it.  I will submit a review once I have it all sorted out.
Stay tuned . . .
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OK - My review as promised when I started this thread.
I have received the integrated tail light/turn signal unit and LED flasher relay from Custom LED out of NJ.  I am hugely impressed with the quality of the product.  It is plug-and-play with no modifications required.  The LEDs are BRIGHT!!  Brightness is always a concern with cheaper items from China.  There is a great deal of programmability for things like brake strobe pattern, brightness, etc.  As an FYI, Custom LED is having a holiday sale.  The tail light unit is $139 with free delivery.  The relay was another $19. Their website is www.customeled.com   Money very well spent . . .
To complement this purchase, I also bought a  "Tail Tidy" fender eliminator from Customized Bike Parts LLC on eBay.  These are made in Indiana by Chris Reese, who goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting something that will work on your bike.  The item I selected has no turn signal mounting points.  It weighs just a couple of ounces and is a drop in fit.  By contrast, the OEM schnoz abortion it replaces weighs somewhere around four or five pounds.  Price of this was $31.48 
I'm attaching a few pics to show the before and after.  I am pretty persnickety when it comes to what I put on my bike.  I'm a very happy camper with this combo.20181203-081300.jpg20181203-081434.jpg20181203-081501.jpg20181126-172416.jpg
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