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Fresh fish run to the Oregon Coast


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Today was a good reminder of why I love living in Oregon. It's late November, but a Sunday morning craving for fresh fish is still a good reason for a ride.
I can always count on a fresh catch in Newport.
Slumgullion for lunch.
Fresh Dungeness... Sadly, my wife doesn't like crab so I settled for some Steelhead.
The Bay Haven Inn is a classic Oregon coast dive bar. Perhaps some other day...
Oyster shells line Yaquina Bay.
Back home we seasoned up the Steelhead filet and put it on the smoker. Sorry there are no "after" photos; it was too delicious and disappeared quickly.
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Yo Keith, I was thinking that just for a change, we might consider moving next years "Last day of the year ride" to one of the other wonderful Oregon coastal towns. I love Oceanside, but not to the exclusion of so many others. 

Just a thought. 

I do hope some more of you hardy NW riders will join us. This was the third year of this "Event", and something I have come to look forward to.

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On 12/26/2018 at 10:55 PM, keithu said:

About 150 miles round-trip, nothing huge. In retrospect I posted this in the wrong forum; it really should have been in Day Trips.

I'm planning a NW forum members ride in Eastern Oregon this summer. Will meet up in Baker and ride some glorious twisties. I'll post the dates as a calendar event in Member map when I have the details. 


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Huck, good point. I far prefer Newport, and there are plenty of great places there for a group meet-up. I chose Oceanside because I thought it was more convenient to Portland. But hey, I'm definitely not opposed to another place.

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OK, Let's plan for Newport, Convenience is not the point. A great ride, great location, great friends, and even a good meal... 

Thanks for starting this tradition. I hope others will join us next time.

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