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Honda Talon side by side with DCT


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Back in the day, Honda ruled the offroad market. Early/Mid 80's I had a 250 Elsinore Dirtbike and a 200X three wheeler, and my buddy had a Honda Odyssey that was fun as hell.
Since then, KTM and other brands have dominated the offroad market, even though the Honda dirtbikes still badass.
Then here comes 2018 and Honda releases like 8 new badass dirtbikes and now comes out swing in 2019 with two Honda Talons.
Nobody noticed, I built a forum for it two months ago, and now that the Talons are announced, here is the forum https://www.hondatalon.net/
If ya like side by sides, feel free to help me get the party started. This is the same software that this forum will on in a few days. (minus the red)
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