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Members must now have 25 posts to be able to use classifieds section

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I made this change on the fz07forum earlier this year with unanimous agreement from the regular members there.  

From now on, only regular members can post in the classifieds section. Think about it, do we really wanting to be sending funds to people we don't know at all? Yeah, I know that people do this on FB. And some people also be getting ripped off, too. 

If you have less than 25 posts, you are in the "New Member group and can use the rest of the forum, take part in conversations, answer tech questions, Post funny shet in our "off topic" section.   But you can not yet use our classifieds section. 

When you reach 25 posts, you will be auto moved to the regular"Member" group. 

If you come into this forum with the attitude of getting to e-know us a bit, or ask questions or to become a part of our community, then you will be a regular member in no time flat. 

If you are joining just to offload an item, sorry, but maybe go to one of those corp owned bike forums. They dont care and wont even notice. 

We are a rider owned and operated group of rider centric forums and tend to be easy to do business with, but do look out for our own.


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