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First Tracer GT Ride this Morning...

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I took delivery of my Tracer GT in January and it has been waiting patiently in the garage until this morning.

Seems to be a Blurple theme in the driveway...

I had not even started it before I left for work this morning.  Not once. 

So, here are my first impressions:

Sounds cool, love the whirrrrr of the motor.  Reminds me of the gear driven cams in the various VFRs I have had over the years.

The selector wheel is cool, but it will take a bit of time for me to like it on the right control pod.  

The TFT display is bright, clear and easy for my aging eyes to read.

The heated grips are HOT!  Had to turn them down pretty early in the ride.

My feet are further behind me than a test sit revealed.  Adjusted to it quickly.  Used to having my feet under me.

The bike didn't turn in as quickly as I expected at the first corner.  That feeling disappeared in a few miles as my brain adjusted.

The fueling is good (standard mode).  There is not as much bottom end torque as I am used to, but the bike is spunky.  

The transmission is smooth and light with positive shifts up and down.

The suspension is excellent, absorbing our mid-March broken pavement with no harshness.

The clutch engages pretty far from the bar.  Need to add some slack and explore adjustable levers.   (I wonder if Magura makes a MEC conversion for the Tracer)

I think I am going to need bar backs if I am going to sit far enough back on the seat to enjoy the wide/dished part...  Damned short arms.

The VStream Sport Touring shield I installed last night seems good, but perhaps the Touring version would be better and still allow me to look over it...

Heading out soon for a longer ride.  More info to come.

I love that the bike is 166 lbs (weighed by me) lighter than the FJR that was traded in.  Light is right.





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38 minutes ago, nigel5 said:

Agree about the clutch, it very light (good) but only engages in the last few millimetres and there is no adjustment in the lever, being a cheapskate I am loathe to buy new levers😁

You are truly missing out, adjustable levers are a necessity for me, I am very particular about bike ergonomics.  After spending $13k for a bike, whats a little more money to make it more comfortable?  You dont have to spend a fortune on adjustable levers, even the Ebay cheapies offer a wide range of adjustability.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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