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  1. Hang in there. It is worth it. I have tried the VStream Sport Touring and the VStream Touring and the MRA Vario Touring and I think the MRA is the best of the bunch. It doesn't provide quite as much coverage as the VStream Touring, but it is smoother and quieter than either one. Rob
  2. I use soft ties looped around the lower triples and fork tubes. Careful up higher on soft or bendable parts. I have secured the bike this way for about 5k miles so far with no issues. The front wheel is secured in a Condor chock. Rob
  3. Nice! Love that area. Hope to retire there. Those are some of my favorite roads. Ride On! Rob
  4. I experienced the same thing after the first oil change. I had the oil half way up the sight glass vs nearly to the top. Topping off the oil fixed the issue. Rob
  5. Nice! I think you will be very happy. I work part time at a KTM dealership and have a few KTMs of my own. The 1090R is an awesome bike. Rob
  6. Right you are, Sir. Indeed, about 3 miles into my RTW, I got some lights. Went off about a minute later heading up a hill. Will top up when I get home. Surprised that between the hash marks is not enough... Definitely got my attention. Rob
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Have not ridden it post oil-change, so I will keep an eye on that. Rob
  8. First oil change at 600 miles. I have been changing oil on bikes for 40+ years and this one is EASY. No muss, no fuss. Everything is out in the open and you can do it hot without burning yourself. Nice design Yamaha. Rob
  9. The inner mechanisms are exactly the same. The only difference is the depth of the lid. You can swap any of the parts back and forth. Rob
  10. Looks like you gave up windshield adjustability? Rob
  11. Great shots! Nice garage! VR qualified 2nd. Go Yamaha!
  12. So, what is actually happening on the trip???
  13. I have been riding for the last three days with the prototype setup. All is good and movement and vibration is minimal. The movement is in the entire rubber-mounted windshield assembly, not the GPS mount. Latest version of the GPS mount as seen through the windshield. This is mounted to a Zumo 550 cradle. The mount has standard AMPs bolt pattern, so it will mate with most every GPS cradle or mounting system out there. Set up for a cross bar that is 12mm or .5 inch. Pretty standard cross bar size. Same as the GPS mount on my Givi mount on the VStrom, windshield frame on the Africa Twin, windshield stay on the GS and many others. Final tweaks being made, bolts being procured, etc. Rob
  14. "The idea of shifting with it under full gas is, in my opinion, out of question, unless you want to ruin your gearbox in short time. " That is simply not the case. Full throttle, clutchless upshifts using the quickshifter is exactly what it is designed for. If that were not the case, Yamaha would not offer it on their bikes at all, let alone with a warranty. The quickshifter cuts the ignition for an instant, unloading the shift dogs and allowing a smooth, seamless upshift with no shock to the drivetrain. They are somewhat less smooth at light throttle or when you are trying to modulate the throttle outside of what Yamaha has programmed into the quickshifter for ignition interruption and shift speed/duration. Addling a bit of clutch does help with the 1-2 shift, as the physical gearbox change is larger, skipping past neutral. Next time you are on the open road, starting in second or third gear, try holding the throttle wide open, zero variation, and as you near redline, actuate the shifter. You will be amazed at the speed and smoothness of the shifts. Rob