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  1. Purely theoretical in Upstate NY as well. Hope to have a sighting by June. 😑
  2. Correct. All of it is above the paint. Just use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive. Leaving the bike in the sun before you start is a help as well. Rob
  3. All good points. Who truly understands the mind of Yamaha?
  4. I reversed the top bar clamps so I could get my damn hand in there to insert, turn, remove the key. Much better! Rob
  5. Starting to clean up the look of the bike and make it my own. Removing the warning stickers and considering removing the goo and leaving Tracer GT. Starting a poll...
  6. I prefer grey for better visibility and less solar gain. Black can be pretty darn hot on a full sun day, stopped in traffic. Bug guts give you street cred. 🙂
  7. I just installed the same screen and agree with @bikerdup. I am considering also trying the Touring size. Going to first mock up the extra height and ride with that to understand how it would affect my field of vision full up and down. I have had a number of National Cycle screens over the years and they are first rate. They make many OEM screens for Harley, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, Yamaha and Triumph. Rob
  8. I took delivery of my Tracer GT in January and it has been waiting patiently in the garage until this morning. Seems to be a Blurple theme in the driveway... I had not even started it before I left for work this morning. Not once. So, here are my first impressions: Sounds cool, love the whirrrrr of the motor. Reminds me of the gear driven cams in the various VFRs I have had over the years. The selector wheel is cool, but it will take a bit of time for me to like it on the right control pod. The TFT display is bright, clear and easy for my aging eyes to read. The heated grips are HOT! Had to turn them down pretty early in the ride. My feet are further behind me than a test sit revealed. Adjusted to it quickly. Used to having my feet under me. The bike didn't turn in as quickly as I expected at the first corner. That feeling disappeared in a few miles as my brain adjusted. The fueling is good (standard mode). There is not as much bottom end torque as I am used to, but the bike is spunky. The transmission is smooth and light with positive shifts up and down. The suspension is excellent, absorbing our mid-March broken pavement with no harshness. The clutch engages pretty far from the bar. Need to add some slack and explore adjustable levers. (I wonder if Magura makes a MEC conversion for the Tracer) I think I am going to need bar backs if I am going to sit far enough back on the seat to enjoy the wide/dished part... Damned short arms. The VStream Sport Touring shield I installed last night seems good, but perhaps the Touring version would be better and still allow me to look over it... Heading out soon for a longer ride. More info to come. I love that the bike is 166 lbs (weighed by me) lighter than the FJR that was traded in. Light is right. Rob
  9. Got a bit more done and have mounted the frame on the bike with a VStream Sport Touring Shield. Please excuse the crappy pix and rough finish on the mount. Still prototyping. Very stiff and looks good with proper clearance from shield and enough room for your hand below the bar to adjust the height of the shield. Still working on the design for the GPS mount that attaches to the cross bar. It has a standard AMPs bolt pattern so my Zumo 550 cradle will attach. Going to make it out of Delrin and probably also a version out of 6061 to compare. Delrin is about half the weight, and strength is not an issue in this application. Have made the cross bar mount wider as of this evening. Rob
  10. I developed that kit in conjunction with Dynaplug. We have them in the market under two sister brands. Happy to offer a special price to any forum folks. Send me a PM.
  11. From the dealer's perspective, we want pristine, unmodified bikes. Aftermarket cruise control, owner modified wiring, highway pegs, big windshields, etc., rarely add any value at the time of trade, and sometimes detract. Our advice to owners is to return the bike to stock before trading it and sell the parts on eBay. Rob
  12. I cracked that noise, heat and vibration nut with my MotoPump through solid engineering. Using the entire case as a heat sync is one approach. Efficiency, balance, low friction, air flow and vibration absorption is a better one... Rob
  13. Thanks! Appreciate the tip. Will check those out. Rob
  14. Ride it and see how it feels before making adjustments. The above video is good. YouTube is your friend for learning more about suspension adjustments and tuning. The factory settings are ok as a starting place. Ride the bike and see what feels harsh, sloppy, stiff, mushy, plush, jarring, or just right. Keep track of your adjustments on a pad so you can return to factory settings if needed. Once you are comfortable, try going full soft on the rebound and compression damping on the forks and ride the bike for a few minutes. Go full stiff on compression and rebound and ride that for a minute. That will give you a very good idea of extremes. Find the place in the middle where the bike is compliant but not floaty or wallowing. Try the same things for the rear shock (rebound damping and spring pre-load only, no compression adjustment) from one extreme to the other and you will see what is what. Setting spring sag on both ends should actually be done first, but it is easier with two people. Can you find a local rider who is well versed in suspension setup to give you a hand? Don't be afraid to experiment! Rob