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  1. Talked to Magura USA today about a setup for the Tracer GT. They have a note on the item that it doesn't work with the GT, but no detail. After talking to the tech for a while, we thought it might be about safety switches for the cruise control. Anybody put one of these on the Tracer GT and have an first hand experience? Not looking for supposition from someone who has not done the direct install on a Tracer GT. Thanks- Rob
  2. I think that halt was back in August. I have a GT seat in production based on the notice last week. Rob
  3. Sargent has a sale this weekend. Took $49 off my order, ($329.99 down to $280.46) Free ground shipping, no tax to NY. DISCOVER19 is the discount code. My boys are looking forward to not sliding into the tank... Rob
  4. No, you should put them in a position that is comfortable for you, as the dot is just a reference point, not the only position for the bars. ...and consider finding a less pedantic dealer. Rob
  5. You can rotate the riser portion and change the distance to the rider, you can also change the top clamp with zero affect to anything other than moving the projection out of the way. Perhaps your dealer is misunderstanding your question...
  6. Zero effect on the position of the bars since this just rotates the top clamp 180 degrees. Coincidentally, I have finished design work on a bar riser for the FJ-09 / Tracer GT that I am producing here in Upstate NY. When anodized, it will be a good match for the stock bar clamps. Will post some pix when they are back from the anodizer. Raw final prototype here:
  7. Hang in there. It is worth it. I have tried the VStream Sport Touring and the VStream Touring and the MRA Vario Touring and I think the MRA is the best of the bunch. It doesn't provide quite as much coverage as the VStream Touring, but it is smoother and quieter than either one. Rob
  8. I use soft ties looped around the lower triples and fork tubes. Careful up higher on soft or bendable parts. I have secured the bike this way for about 5k miles so far with no issues. The front wheel is secured in a Condor chock. Rob
  9. Nice! Love that area. Hope to retire there. Those are some of my favorite roads. Ride On! Rob
  10. I experienced the same thing after the first oil change. I had the oil half way up the sight glass vs nearly to the top. Topping off the oil fixed the issue. Rob
  11. Nice! I think you will be very happy. I work part time at a KTM dealership and have a few KTMs of my own. The 1090R is an awesome bike. Rob