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Wheel corrosion


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Hi to all our there, I live in Wales in the UK, this is my 2nd new tracer, I went for the GT version purely because it has cruise control, but my question is.. has anyone noticed wheel corrosion? Mine is now coming up to 9 months old I’ve just got it out for the spring, from under a cover in my garage, as in winters here we use a lot of salted grit & I’ve found corrosion & chipping on the rims, has anyone come across this yet? 

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Mine is 5 months old and has been through a winter, I did have it treated with ACF50 by all year biker but as they can't spray all of the wheels, disc bobbin etc I did them by hand and no corrosion.

It the paint is chipping off I would be visiting dealer and putting in a claim

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