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  1. Wheel weights. Clip on like OEM or Stick On or Beads?
  2. Having a helmet designed for up right riding and touring instead of a tucked style helmet makes the biggest difference with or without the screen
  3. It’s better. How much better I think really depends on your helmet. I tried with several, believe it or not the cheaper Joe Rocket was the quietest. The loudest was my daily RF-1200 sad to say. The Icon was in the middle. None is unbearable. With the 2 top vents shut or the visor open it is completely silent. Even at 75 mph. With that being said, I live in North Carolina. It gets hot. So you need Venturi effect or you will die. So if your a visor open rocking sunglasses then it’s really great. I prefer a shut visor and no shades but I always have them. I didn’t want a screen that blocks every bit of air so it works for my long stretches of open road. Feel free to ask.
  4. 25 inches but the bottom is longer the stock.
  5. Looks ok. I’m not a fan of windscreens to begin with. I’ve had the bike 1 year and the OE screen served well enough. I ALWAYS have ear plugs in. 6-8 hours with the stock screen I’m good. Any longer I start to go nuts. Can’t find peace. The chin bar vent being closed helps but not enough. Took a quick spin and although not perfect in functionality or winning beauty contest this will work fantastic for those really long weekend getaways. My short 3-6 hour rides around local area I’ll swap to the OE in less then 2 minutes. I’m 5’10” and @ $133 USD it’s worth a shot.
  6. If there’s a issue, one of us will solve it. What ever work brother. I turn my bars all the way left.
  7. Happened to one case about a month into ownership, thought it was the tech guy, tightened it. 1 year into ownership and the other came loose so I Loc tight them up. T10 security bit.
  8. Welcome, From Raleigh
  9. They make stuff for tents and leather but haven’t tried any. I will though.
  10. I read the entire manual before I even bought the bike. 😂
  11. Good looking seat. I do like the look of the Stock GT seat, materials and all. My buddy has a seat from Terry and I hate the material. Feels great but don’t like the look. Can’t see it while sitting on it so I get that.
  12. Has anyone used a UV blocking spray on your gear? I’ve had dozens of Jackets and Pants over the years but man my Revit jacket has taken a beating this year. I like the Jacket. Besides the tiny pocket entry. (Pants to). Only 15,000 miles on it and faded more then other Jackets I’ve had way longer. Thanks
  13. It’s actually 37 miles in one direction, 489 curves 3 mountains.
  14. Went from Raleigh to Meadows of Dan Va. Camped and rode from there to Shady Valley TN by way of Blue Ridge Parkway South to 18 south to Sparta to 21/221 west and then 88 to the snake 421. After blasting around the snake 2 up mind you went 133 to 58 west all the way back. Got a little rain but had some pull offs with cover twice. Got real lucky. Mouth of Wilson had more water on the road than I ever seen. I was really impressed of the GT with a passenger. Mind you I only weigh 160 no gear and the wife 120. (I’ll say that for my own safety). My wife didn’t complain at all. The FZ she would have, well has. Great ride. I didn’t take as many pics because I’ve done this ride numerous times. Not 2 up though.
  15. krillz


    Sounds like it should. But doesn’t. I’ve never seen anyone turn on, say google maps and route home when there is no service. Doesn’t work where I ride. AT ALL
  16. krillz


    A cell phone is a horrible idea for me. I ride where there is no service what so ever. I use a nuvi 2555. I also have gloves that work for devices. I’ve rode in the rain while using it still works Try Garmin Base Camp app on your PC to pre load routes.
  17. And it’s the biggest button on the bars. A simple 1 button would have been suffice. Not that giant rocker switch. I finally put it on level 2 while going up the Snake 421 Saturday. Water so deep it ripped my feet off the pegs.
  18. Totally agree. Don’t know who said it’s not great 2 up? Is it perfect? No. But damn good. My wife is 120 pounds and rides there all the time. I use 7 clicks as well. She said it’s a dream compared to the FZ.
  19. Willville Motorcycle Campground. Fantastic creek side camping. Check it out.
  20. Minnesott beach to Croatan National Forest
  21. Burke’s garden is very narrow, one way in and out. Beautiful Amish community. I eat there every trip.
  22. Yes you do. I’m going this weekend.
  23. I camp just outside Hillsville in a small town called Meadows of Dan. Ride Tazewell several times a year. Good riding.
  24. Well the box said made in Japan. So if it’s just the cardboard box that’s made in Japan then so be it. It was one hell of a well made box. 😉