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  1. Well the box said made in Japan. So if it’s just the cardboard box that’s made in Japan then so be it. It was one hell of a well made box. 😉
  2. Welcome. I to ride those areas. I live in NC. It’s riding season. Enjoy!!!!
  3. When I ordered mine I got a shipping address from Japan. Took 3 weeks from there to California then a truck to North Carolina. Box said Made in Japan.
  4. I use it all the time. Put the sucker in A mode and rip through them gears. It’s a unusual experience at first but damn it’s a riot
  5. Oh except the pockets are small. Love my jacket and pants but the entry to the pockets can’t fit my hands. I’m 5’10 160 pounds. But I got big hands. God forbid you have a wound on your hand while trying to retrieve something from in your pocket.
  6. Not mine but the casting holes in the center of the rim are poorly finished. Not smooth at all.
  7. I have all Revit gear. 👌🏼
  8. I have a $45 Blackburn bicycle pump that pumps my mountain bike tires up to 100 psi. Has a high pressure flip switch. It’s small and packs extremely well and fits the straight valve stems perfect. It takes about 60 strokes to fill the tire. If your on the side of the road, 60 pumps isn’t bad considering. Especially if you have a buddy. Most compressors duty cycle suck and take awhile to cool and not melt stuff.
  9. krillz

    Rpha 70?

    I like my RF1200. Helmets are tough take opinion on.
  10. SeaFoam in the bikes when they sit. The yard equipment gets it every tank because of the corn. I use it every 3rd gas can refill (about 6 tanks) in my 2 stroke dirt bike. I buy it when it’s get one free and snatch a couple. As other have stated, I use only that because it’s worked so well haven’t needed to try anything else really.
  11. Knowledge is invaluable. I am a premium member to all the forums I join. I buy the T-shirts and stickers. Sold the FZ-8 and still a active member. I look forward to paying up and helping out. It’s my civic duty. I appreciate the effort you ALL put in.
  12. Welcome. It always amazes me people buy bikes and don’t ride them. Well their loss is your gain. Enjoy.
  13. Everyone has there own opinion but seems to me lots of you guys ride couch cushions because that GT seat is fantastic. Going from a sport bike and supermoto bike I’m in heaven on that seat.
  14. Bro, I took a wasp in the dirt bike helmet. Ghost rode that bike. Bastard stung me 3 times before I got the lid off.