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Chain and sprockets for T900GT

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It's my recommendation to run a -1T (16T is stock IIRC)front sprocket... For me it just right and picks the rpms up a tad..

2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition-80whp
2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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Chain and sprocket kits for Tracer GT  I have used their RS7 sprocket on different bikes and it wears like iron!

Like @norcal616 mentioned, changing the gearing can benefit your riding style and really change the characteristic of the engine, I have been doing it for many years on all of my street and dirt bikes (I even changed the final gearing in my truck).  I originally went with 15/45 (-1 on front) and when I changed my chain and sprockets I ended up with 16/47 (+2 on rear).

Personally, I prefer slightly higher gear ratio (smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket) as the engine gets into the sweet spot of the rpm range quicker, the engine just feels more "alive" and responsive.  The only downside is slightly higher cruising rpm. 

Experiment with this calculator ---> Gearing Commander

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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