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ECU flash in the UK

chris wilkins

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The best one I know of is J33 dyno in Lancaster. That is a fair ride from you. However, he does do a bench remap which has had very good feedback. If you look on Facebook under J33 Dyno, you will find Andy who runs the shop. He is a great bloke, who I have used more than once.

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11 hours ago, chris wilkins said:

Thanks for that traveller I too will try and get up there and see what can be done.

Sorry clunkie as a reply no I had no other replies. Wherein Kent are you?

I'm near Gravesend (the nice bit obvs 😁). Whereabouts are you?

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I had my ecu remapped by andy at j33 on my mt10 and its a 400 mile round trip for me but was really worth it as its night and day different,it makes the bike so instant at any revs,i will really miss that as i am thinking of trading both my bikes in.sorry forgot to mention the downside is you would probably have to tell your bike shop when servicing it as they might put an update into your ecu and it might knock your new map out and telling them voids the warranty,it dosen't worry me because i don't get my bikes serviced every year as sometimes you might only be done 2000 miles,if it has 6000 mile intervals thats when i have it done so my warranty would be voided anyway [if i am keeping the mt10] There is also PDQ in slough and Bsd in Eye nr peterborough,i have used all of these in the past.

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