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Remove Factory wheel weights

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Is there any safe way to remove factory wheel weights without messing up my beautiful blurple rims?

I was so proud of myself 6 months ago when I changed my own tires and balanced them. At the end they were better balanced than from the factory! I couldn't find a way to remove the factory weights without jacking up my rims, and all the 'safe removal tools' i found seemed aimed towards car rims where you don't have a hub in the way of operating the tool, so I pretty much balanced around them in place (with stick on weights) so i didn't have to remove the factory weights. Now I am noticing the factory wheel weights are starting to rust so I wanna remove them before the rust ruins my rims.

Any suggestions?

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I use old toothbrushes with the head cut off and shaped to a point.  It does not scratch the rim  when levering the weight (clamp on or stick on) off the rim.  I use Goo One to remove the two sided tape used on stick on weights.  My used ‘19 blurple rims had a few nicks that were touched up with almost perfect match of finger nail polish.

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