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Loop exhaust?


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My FJ09 has a stock header with a Scorpion slip on currently. 


I see that Akra (as well as some other companies) make a full exhaust with a loop in it, to increase length. I've read on FZ forums that they produce significantly more torque. 


Has anyone here tried one? How about the $230 China clones? I have friends who have run China full exhausts on other bikes and they were decent. 


Not that there's anything wrong with what I have, I've just always liked full exhausts even though I try to keep them quiet-ish (I put the dB killer in the Scorpion).

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Not sure if anyone’s running cheaper exhaust systems.  
Bang for buck full system award goes to Black Widow. Typically any time you replace factory headers you gain something, even if only bling-bling.  
I think the Akra system is unique with their loop prior to the muffler. It does require a center stand delete however, IIRC. 



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I have the Akrapovic full carbon system with the loop which meant removing the centre stand.

I like it because it keeps the muffler short, I have seen Tracers with a longer Yoshi system and they just look.... weird.


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