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Lowering links, sidestands

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I understand the impacts of lowering links, side stands may be too tall, center stands difficult to use, etc. The Tracer side stand on my 2 day new to me 2020 Tracer 900GT is ridiculously short making it very close to the bike and lean angle uncomfortable. I do use the foot pegs to mount the bike. I have spent time searching for links and stands but other than some place in Great Britain, no luck. Where are you guys getting those items from or are they victims of the covid crap, hence not available. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I used a company called T-Rex Racing for my lowering links and an adjustable side stand on my '17 FJ-09. After a while I had a local guy shorten my stock side stand by 1.5" and had it powder-coated. The T-rex side stand was fine but I didn't like depending on the adjustable bolt.

Center stand works fine with no adjustment needed. Congrats on the Tracer.

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Thx for the info/suggestion. This is my 1st Yamaha in 63 yrs riding. Really hard to find them in my area and nobody can order them. May look for tail rack and dig thru my shelves of unused stuff amassed of the years.

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@TomTracer I installed lowering links to my GT and haven't had to alter the sidestand, as long as you are on level ground or ground sloping down to the left the standard side stand is fine. Getting it onto the centrestand is a little more difficult than it used to be but is still managable.



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