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Chain adjustment

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At around 700 miles on my 2020 tracer I noticed my chain was a little over the spec loose . I learned from my MT 07 to lube the axle thread with some break free before trying to loosen the nut . What is with Yamaha over torquing that nut, it took a 3 ft. pipe on the end of a 1/2 breaker bar to break it loose . I have heard of others that did not lube the threads striping the thread !☹️

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I think the factory specification for the rear axle nut according to the service manual is 110 foot pounds......which seems ridiculously tight.  Other bikes I have owned were around 75 to 85 foot pounds.  When changing tires I torqued the rear axle to 85 foot pounds and called it good.  No issues.

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