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  1. That sounds like a really nice setup with the Ohlin parts. I also plan to do some 2 up touring with loaded luggage and I've just begun talking with my local suspension shop about what I'm looking to do in the next month or two. The guy I spoke with actually has my same exact bike and he converted it to an adventure bike with spoked wheels and such. He also has an FZ1 and ZX6R and has built suspension on all of them. He recommended going with K-Tech due to their availability and slightly lower cost with similar performance. Does anyone have experience with K-Tech or info about them on the Tracer? I'm not sure what models but he is supposed to check availability and send me a written quote so I can check on specific part numbers at that point. Mine is a 2019 base model.
  2. I think it also has to do with the panniers I have on. If she tries to scoot back to the backrest, the backs of her calves hit the front of the panniers. I took off the panniers and should had no problem reaching the pegs this way.
  3. That’s a good idea. Do you have any pictures of that?
  4. For those of you with short pillions: what is your solution? My wife is 5’1” (155cm) and can only put her feet on the pegs if she is sitting way in front of the passenger seat. We have a Shad top case with a back rest and if she’s scooted all the way back up to it her feet are just dangling. Only solution I can think of is custom made foot peg brackets to relocate them. Today was our first 2 up ride on my 1 month old 2019 base model. We did 160 miles through the mountains almost all twisty roads and it performed very nicely, just passed 1,000 miles on the odometer today. The suspension is of course way too soft even with us only weighing 160 and 110 plus riding gear. We’ll be upgrading that and the seats but weren’t expecting this foot peg issue.
  5. I wish I could ride mid-week
  6. Allow me to clarify, I have only been stopped about 4 times on motorcycle in 10 years of riding. The rest of those times were in a vehicle, but I was just speaking of my general experience with US cops. Also, most of those times were in my early 20's, driving rather flashy vehicles, in a small town, late at night with not many other cars on the road. In other words, I was almost asking for it. One of my motorcycle stops was after a CHP chopper spotted me doing 160+ on my R6 and called in the ground units to catch me at a stop light. They were very grateful I did not run and only wrote me a ticket for 100+ when they could have easily taken me in. My second helicopter incident my buddy and I were riding our DRZ400 Supermotos on some twisty mountain roads passing many cars over double yellow lines. They followed us in the air for 13 minutes without us knowing and ground units had a mini road block set up when we pulled into town. Again, they could have taken us in but only gave us a reckless driving ticket. That video is fun to reminisce but I have since learned my lesson and toned down my street riding quite a bit. The other 2 times were mild infractions and I was let got with no tickets.
  7. I usually alternate my summer weekends between motorcycle rides and backpacking trips. Though most of my backpacking trips are closer to the Tahoe area in Desolation Wilderness.
  8. Monitor Pass on 89 is now open. It sounds like we'll have an early opening of Sonora and Ebbett's this year due to lack of snow pack. Anyone else waiting patiently to make a trip up here?
  9. Hi Betoney, where did you purchase the lower cowling? Do you have a part number you can share?

    1. betoney


      I am at work and don’t have search access while out in the field but it is made by Ermax. Google search should help you out. 👍🏻


  10. Anyone have a beak installed with the Givi aux light bracket? I'm trying to determine if they will fit together.
  11. It's all the stuff you see on TV bud. I've been pulled over nearly 40 times in the USA and never had a real problem other than a handful of tickets.
  12. Thanks. Also, did you have any trouble mounting the front turn signals? Any tips for holding them in place since the mount is different than the factory ones?
  13. Where is this aux fuse block you speak of?
  14. Can someone shed some light for a newb on why the ECU flash is desirable?