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Possible emission recall on many or all recent CP3 bikes


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My 2020 had a recall on the throttle I think.  Took it by the local dealer and they had parts and fixed it quickly.  Have to agree it is a pretty simple and hopefully painless recall.

Worst I've experienced so far is the battery recall on my 2020 Chevy Bolt.  Almost 3 years ago recalled because it might burst into flames.  They recommended charging to no more than 80% and not less than 70 miles (not sure what percentage that is).  Have been patiently waiting on a replacement battery.  They have done many 2017 - 2019s and some 2020s but not mine.  It's a local car due to poor charging infrastructure around here.  Few weeks ago and just days before I took it in for a seatbelt tensioner recall - another problem that could result in flames!  While they were doing the recall they checked and another software update recall was available for it so they installed.  The software update installed some digital goodness from the folks at GM and monitors the battery.  If it does not detect a problem for the next 6,200 miles it calls the battery good and "unlocks" full charging.  If it detects a problem they will notify you and have you bring it in to have some of the battery modules replaced.  Meanwhile I am hard limited to 80% charging capacity.  Problem is I only put 6 or 7 thousand miles a year on the car!  So now I have a car with has 20% less range.  If it takes me a year to get the full capacity unlocked it will be a range reduction of 20% for about 4 years!  WOW really makes me want to go out and buy a GM product.  They did say in the initial recall of 2020 thru early 2022s that modules would be replaced and did not specify the whole battery like the earlier models.  

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2015.  Almost 70,000 miles. I'm out of the woods.

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