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Hello all. I just bought a 2020 Tracer 900 GT. Had 4800 miles on pick up. Now 5002. Many, many upgrades from the PO. I'll have to put together a list later.

Short bit about me. I'm in North Georgia. Currently have two bikes, the Tracer and a 1988 Honda Hawk GT. I've been riding most of my life. Had more bikes than I care to list. I've had Honda ST1100s for the main bike for the majority of my riding.

I have hosted a camping event in Suches, GA each spring. I'd like to get that started again. So be on the look out for that.



I do have a question right away. The PO sent me an owners manual in PDF. Which is the European version. I found the US version on Yamaha's site. There seems to be a difference in the oil change interval between the two. US says oil every 4K, Euro says oil change every 6K miles. Each says oil filter every other change. I looked around this forum (and other places) and have found all kinds of different intervals. Mostly less than 4K. I have not found anything backed up with facts, or by Yamaha. So, should I change at 4 or 6? Perhaps split the difference at 5?


Thanks for reading.


EDIT: I cant seem to get my links working. Hmm, they usually do. Dunno what's wrong here.

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Yes, the oil change interval has been noted and discussed frequently, and is also different between Europe and the US with other brands such as Kawasaki,  etc. Some have postulated that it is due to EPA requirements in the US, but I've never seen a definitive answer. Choose the interval that you desire. Personally, since it is a high revving, high output engine, I go with the 4,000 mile recommendation, and choose to change the filter each time. Your engine would likely last just as long if you went 6,000 miles, etc.


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I've decided to change the oil at 5K. Even tho the PO claims he did at 4K. I'll change again at 10K and send some out for an oil analysis. With that info it should be easier to make an educated decision about oil change intervals.

Been out riding the Tracer. Still surprised by how much I like this bike. That motor is just amazing. I find myself giggling like an idiot in my helmet.

I should start a thread to keep track of the bike's progress. Since the last post I have added the dark gray side deflectors from Madstad. To match the dark grey windshield. I've added some reflective decals to the rear of the saddlebags. My seat is on the way back from Russell. I should have it soon. I can't wait. I also added a voltmeter by Signal Dynamics. It's an LED that displays different colors for different voltage ranges. Bit dim during the day, but perfect at night.

Is there any interest in a Tracer/FJ rally? I have hosted a motorcycle Rally in the spring for the current bike I own for a few years now. Would be in North Georgia in late April. I usually put together a ride for each day with food stops along the way. I haven't hosted one since before covid and thought its time to get back at it. Interest?




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